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After-school science lessons

For kids 3 - 12 years old 

N1 to P6 curriculum

4 locations

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Our camp program for 2024 coming soon

How it was in 2023:

Program details 2023

9 January - 27 May 2023

fun science lessons, connected with school curriculum


Our fun science lessons designed for kids from 3 to 12 y.o.(N1 to P6) to implement foundation for scientific studies at higher levels. Kids will do a lot of hands-on and will learn to love science, that will bring their motivation to study to the highest level.

This course is based on Science Curriculum Framework and emphasises the need for a balance between the acquisition of science knowledge, process and attitudes.

The curriculum design seeks to enable students to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful. Inquiry is thus grounded in knowledge, issues and questions that relate to the roles played by science in daily life, society and the environment, based on many hands-on activities.

What kids will learn?

  • Scientific phenomena, facts, concepts and principles

  • Scientific vocabulary, terminology and conventions

  • Scientific instruments and apparatus including techniques and aspects of safety

  • Scientific and technological applications

What skills we focus on?

  • Scientific phenomena, facts, concepts and principles

  • Scientific vocabulary, terminology and conventions

  • Scientific instruments and apparatus including techniques and aspects of safety

  • Scientific and technological applications

What attitude we teach?

  • Curiosity

  • Creativity

  • Integrity

  • Objectivity

  • Openmindedness

  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

Subjects we cover in 2023

  • Human Systems

  • Plant system

  • Electrical system 

  • Density science

  • Water cycle 

  • Energy cycle

  • Heat Energy 

  • Light

  • Interaction. Magnets 

  • Natural phenomena 

  • Space and Earth formation. Dinosaurs.

  • Chemical reaction 

  • Inventions 



9 Mohamed Sultan Road



175Thompson Road


887 Bukit Timah Road


229 Joo Chiat Road

Weekly schedule:

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 14.49.33.png
90 min

Fees plan:

175 SGD/
4 lessons
trial class:
40 SGD

Building Connections and Skills: The Importance of After School Care in Educational Landscape

These days, the concept of “school”  is wider than we used to think. It is not only about learning general subjects, doing homework, and developing social skills. One of the most popular ways to implement studying while having free time is an after-school programme.

After-school care is valuable for kids’ academic, social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. These programmes also provide a safe place for children when they are not with their parents. If you are afraid to leave your child at home alone, you should take a good look at Newtonshow’s after-school care in Singapore!

A Typical After-School Care Schedule

Unfortunately, traditional rote learning methods are not effective. The worst thing is that these methods can negatively affect a kid’s self-esteem. That’s why Newtonshow’s after-school programme has been carefully developed to give children an opportunity to approach learning more holistically. 

Our fun science lessons are designed for kids from 3 to 12 years old. (N1 to P6) to implement a foundation for scientific studies at higher levels. Kids will do a lot of hands-on work and will learn to love science, which will bring their motivation to study to the highest level. The curriculum design seeks to enable students to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful. 

The class is also dedicated to raising the following qualities in your child :

  • Curiosity

  • Creativity

  • Integrity

  • Objectivity

  • Independence

  • Open-mindedness

  • Confidence

  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

This class is based on the Science Curriculum Framework and emphasizes the need for a balance between the acquisition of science knowledge, process, and attitudes.

What are kids going to delve into?

  • Scientific phenomena, facts, concepts, and principles

  • Scientific vocabulary, terminology, and conventions

  • Scientific instruments and apparatus, including techniques and aspects of safety

  • Scientific and technological applications

What Features Do We Unlock in Kids Through After-School Tuition?

After-school care programmes have evolved to provide more than just a supervised environment; they now offer a wide range of enrichment activities designed to engage children in stimulating and educational experiences.

Enrichment Activities and Skill Development

One popular category of activities in these programmes is STEM projects. These activities are centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and offer numerous benefits, including fostering creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and the development of new skills. 

These activities not only enhance kids' academic abilities but also develop the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly technology-driven world. After-school programmes empower children to become confident, innovative, and collaborative individuals, setting them on a path of lifelong learning and goal achievement.

Socialization and Emotional Growth

In after-school care, one aspect that holds immense importance is the opportunity for children to engage in social interaction and build meaningful peer relationships. 

Convenience and Peace of Mind for Parents

For those parents who worry about what their children are going to do when the academic year is over, after-school care is the answer. Instead of staying at home, watching TV, or even getting into trouble in the company of schoolmates, your kids can spend quality time that involves pleasure and joy.

After-school programmes can give working parents some security and confidence. Knowing that your child is engaged in something productive that they enjoy after school is reassuring. With the after-school care option, parents will be tension-free when it comes to the safety of their kids.

Summing Up

The perceived benefits of After-school Classes can depend on how you look at this concept. On one hand, they can help young children discover new skills and develop talents, improve their academic performance and participate in enjoyable activities, meet peers, and follow the example of teachers. 

On the other hand, after-school tuition can be invaluable for  busy parents who don't have time to look after their kids because of work commitments. They can relax in the knowledge that theirour children will stay in a safe place under the care of experienced instructors and surrounded by new friends with the same interests.

If you are wondering about “How to find after-school student care near me?”, Newtonshow is a great place to have fun science lessons that are connected with the school curriculum. Our programmes are rich and interesting; they represent uniquely curated student care in Singapore.

Subjects we will cover in 2023

  • Human Systems

  • Plant Systems

  • Electrical Systems 

  • Density Science

  • Water Cycle 

  • Energy Cycle

  • Heat Energy 

  • Light

  • Magnets 

  • Natural Phenomena 

  • Space and Earth formation. 

  • Dinosaurs.

  • Chemical reactions 

  • Inventions


We aim to contribute to the comprehensive development of kids of all ages. Contact us to learn more!

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