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What You Need To Know About A Children’s Camp In Singapore


At Newtonshow, we’re proud to offer Singapore’s most engaging, hands-on holiday camps for kids aged 3-12 years old, with fun and learning at the centre of everything we do. So whether your kids are into space, whizz-bang experiments, dinosaurs, or slime, we have something that will inspire and entertain them! 

Our goal is that every child who comes to our holiday camps will go home every day without homesickness, learn some of the new STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and have a fantastic time.

We believe that social education is an important part of a child’s development, so our Singapore holiday camps always include a balance between learning and enrichment, play and entertainment, with regular breaks for snacks and lunches.

Children’s Holiday Camps


Newtonshow has the most exciting holiday camps for kids! We have new and unique programmes that perfectly combine entertainment and learning every season. Your child will leave our camps with priceless memories, new friends, and enthusiasm for STEM!


In 2022-2023 we have a wide range of programmes that run year-round, during spring, summer, autumn, and winter holidays. We continually develop new themes and activities to create rewarding and challenging experiences. If you want to turn your child into a curious mini scientist, check out our holiday camps below!

Summer Holiday Camps

We have four exciting and fun-filled programmes this summer! These 5-day camps, including Space Odyssey, Science Discovery, Multi Activity, and Harry Potter, are available across the city! During these holiday camps, your child will get to perform a number of fun experiments and practical exercises and learn science creatively and interactively. As a result, your child will leave our camps with a broadened mind and be ready to take their STEM study to the next level! 

To learn more about our incredible summer camps, check out our programme guide below. These holiday camps for kids are selling out fast, so remember to secure your child’s spot today! The programme runs from 30 May to 26 August.

Autumn Holiday Camps

Is there a better time than autumn to learn some science? We don’t think so! During autumn, we run our Fixie Science camp! This programme runs for five days, from 9 am to 4 pm, and is focused on practical science that applies to everyday real-world situations. After this holiday camp, your child will leave with a deeper understanding of the world and some interesting facts that will even blow your mind! This programme is heavy on practical experiments, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting bored. On the contrary, your child will be more excited about STEM than ever with all of our fun games! Find out more about our Fixie Science holiday camp in our programme guide below.

Winter Holiday Camps

This winter is an incredibly exciting time at Newtonshow. We have three holiday camps for kids in Singapore! They include our always popular Harry Potter camp, Chemistry Chaos and Multi-Science! So whether you want your child to learn how to brew potions, create a wind generator or build a greenhouse, our camp’s innovative, practical exercises will have your child smiling and learning at the same time! 

Our holiday camps for children are from 22 November to 7 January and run from 9 am to 4 pm. 

Spring Holiday Camps

Looking for STEM-themed holiday camps for kids in Singapore? We have got you covered! This Easter, we will keep your kids entertained with exciting scientific lessons, experiments, and different games. This spring, we are running three programmes: Harry Potter Easter Edition, Easter 5.0, and Multi Camp! We will have your kids making slime, learning about robotics, and even walking on raw eggs. 

We are running our spring camps from 14 March to 15 April, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm! There is no shortage of laughing and learning at our holiday camps Singapore. Learn more about our unique camps below in our programme guide.

Newtonshow Holiday Camps Singapore Programme Guide


Newtonshow has unique holiday camps for children from this summer through to next spring. To find out which camp is best for your child, check out the programme guide, dates, and location below. With so many exciting themes, experiments, and locations across the city, we know you will find the perfect holiday camp to get your child excited about STEM!

The cost of all programmes includes lunch, two snacks, and special take-home gifts.

Harry Potter Science

We will turn your child into a wizard! At camp «Harry Potter» your child will do experiments, including building a golden snitch catapult, building a magic wand, and even making their own secret potions. We have fun experiments and lessons running throughout the camp! Not only will your child feel like they spent a week at Hogwarts, but they will realize that science is more than boring textbooks and formulas. 

If your child is looking for a fun fantasy-themed camp where they will actually learn real science, this is the perfect camp. 

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 30 May - 26 August; 14 March - 15 April; 22 November - 7 January

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), and West (887 Bukit Timah)

Cost: 630 SGD


Space Odyssey


Could your child fly to Mars one day? After attending one of our space-themed holiday camps in Singapore your kid will be dreaming of joining NASA! Camp «Space Odyssey» is filled with exciting and challenging lessons, including building your own space base, creating a solar system model, learning about aliens, and so much more.


Newtonshow is the perfect way to introduce the topic of space to your child in a fun, accessible, and inspirational way. We want to inspire the next generation of astronauts by exposing them to fun, practical experiments, and games. 

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 30 May - 26 August

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), West (887 Bukit Timah) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD

Science Discovery

In this mesmerizing holiday camp, your child will go back in time and make scientific discoveries with history’s most outstanding scientists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Archimedes! Camp «Science Discovery» is filled with exciting science lessons and experiments, including a lego building competition, the creation of slime, and solving some of science’s most important questions, such as why water is wet! This camp is perfect for inspiring kids to study STEM. However, be warned, after attending our camp, you could have a very curious child who won’t stop asking how things work!


Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 30 May - 26 August

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), West (887 Bukit Timah) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD


Multi Activity


Whether your child wants to be a scientist, a chef, artist or robot engineer, this Multi Activity camp has something for everyone! One day the kids will be cooking pizza and muffins with banana puree, and the next day they will be painting and creating newspaper art. This awesome camp also has one day dedicated to robotics and another day especially for scientific experiments.


Camp «Multi Activity»  is perfect for kids with varied interests or if you want to help your child find their true calling in life. With so many different activities, your kid is sure to find something they love! 

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 30 May - 26 August; 14 March - 15 April

Where: Centre (278 River Valley) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD


Fixie Science


«Fixie Science» is our practical-based camp where we teach kids everyday science! Your children will learn how traffic lights work, the mystery behind hairdryers, and even how sound occurs. After attending our camp, your children will have a more profound knowledge of the world around them and a detailed understanding of some of the most important inventions we rely on! This camp is ideal for kids who learn best via practical lessons and don’t mind getting their hands dirty conducting experiments.


Some of the exciting experiments your child will be performing include an air balloon project, balloon landing competition, invisible ink, nitrogen chemistry and more! There is no better way to get your child interested in STEM than through fun experiments and, luckily, the Fixie Science camp is filled with them! 

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 11 October - 29 October

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), West (887 Bukit Timah) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD


Science Academy


In this fantastic camp, your child will get an in-depth science history lesson from Archimedes to Einstein, learn how to investigate a crime scene, take fingerprints, and even perform a deep dive into the world of black holes. This camp has the perfect mix of lessons and practical experiments. After this camp, your child will understand various scientific concepts from DNA to the Universe, food science, and how investigators use science to solve cases.


If you want your child to learn about science in a creative and captivating fashion, then «Science Academy» is the perfect holiday camp! 

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 22 November - 7 January

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), West (887 Bukit Timah) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD

Chemical Chaos


What’s more fun than creating explosions and watching different elements interact with each other? Camp «Chemical Chaos» is filled with fun and slightly messy chemical experiments! The kids will make chemical caviar, create different colors, and even have a slime battle! They will also learn about atoms and molecules and the power of chemistry to cure diseases. After attending this camp, your child will be a budding chemist!


The Chemical Chaos course is the perfect balance between wild experiments and lectures. Don’t worry, your child will learn much more than just how to create slime. Book your child in now to build a lifelong interest in chemistry!

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 22 November - 7 January

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), West (887 Bukit Timah) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD


Easter 5.0 Science Camp


Our Easter 5.0 Science Camp is the best way to turn your child into a curious scientist! We have fun practical experiments and lots of different science-themed games. Don’t worry, your child won’t be stuck at a desk staring at a boring textbook. Some of the fun experiments we have planned include walking on eggshells, creating a storm and tornado in a jar, and lots of fun simple physics experiments. The kids will learn about Newton’s First Law and study fascinating topics such as ‘Are lions the true king of the jungle?’ and ‘Why do people sneeze?’ 

Who said science has to be boring? We have designed our Easter 5.0 Science Camp to be super entertaining, so your child has a positive first impression of science and continues to study STEM for the rest of their lives!


If you want your child to never complain about studying STEM again, sign them up to our Easter 5.0 Science Camp and get them enthusiastic about studying physics and chemistry! 

Age: 3 to 13 years old

When: 14 March November - 15 April

Where: Centre (278 River Valley), East (29 Joo Chiat), West (887 Bukit Timah) and Novena (175 Thompson Road)

Cost: 630 SGD


Other Holiday Camps in Singapore


If your child is a little overSTEMulated, don’t worry, Singapore has lots of different camps from coding to football to lego! Check out exciting holiday camps in Singapore below.

Art Camps

Do you want your child to develop their artistic abilities? There are numerous art camps held throughout Singapore where your kid can learn to paint, sculpt, and even create videos. Your child could be the next Leonardo da Vinci - you just need to help them express their talent - and art camp could be the perfect place to start!


These camps typically run for 3 to 5 days, cost SG$300 to SG$400, and are suitable for ages 5 to 16 years.

Sports Camps 


Sports camps are a great way to get your child some extra exercise and boost their skills. By the time next season starts, your child will be fitter and more skillful than their teammates! You can find camps for all sports from football to basketball to table tennis. During these camps kids play mock matches, perform drills, work on their conditioning, and get specialized coaching to take their skills to the next level.


These camps run for 1 to 2 weeks and cost SG$300 to SG$600 for kids from 3 to 17 years old.

Coding Camps 


Want your kid to create the next TikTok? Then you better send them to coding camp! These camps will teach your child the basics of coding and, before you know it, they will be making their own apps.


These camps are suitable for kids from ages 8 and up, and last from 3 days to 2 weeks. The typical cost is around SG$700 and higher, which is nothing if they turn your child into the next tech billionaire!

Language Camps 


There is nothing more satisfying than learning another language! Why not turn your child into a polyglot by sending them to a language camp. They could learn Japanese, Korean, English, Russian, German, or any language you can think of! After just one holiday camp your child could achieve basic fluency in a foreign language. 

These classes are for kids from 3 years and up, and run for five days or more. The average cost is SG$600 to SG$700.

Music and Dance Camps 


Your child could be the next Mozart! If you sign them up to a music camp, they could be playing the piano, violin, or cello in no time! There are music camps for every musical instrument imaginable. 


These camps are great for kids from 3 years and up, and run for 3 days to weeks. The average cost is SG$500 to SG$600.

Baking camps 


What if you could turn your child into a baking master? Just think of all the yummy cakes they could make for you! Singapore has a number of fun and affordable baking holiday camps for kids.


The camps usually last 1 to 3 days, and during that time kids will learn how to bake a wide range of goodies, from brownies to cookies to cakes. These camps typically cost between SG$300 to SG$400.

Robotics camps 


They say robots are the future, so why not give your child the tools needed to excel in a robot-filled world? These camps are fascinating as kids learn how robots work, their current capabilities, and get to build their very robot buddies. There are even camps where kids get to construct attacking robots and battle them!


Robotics camps typically last for one week and cost SG$500 to SG$800.

Why Are Newtonshow Holiday Camps Singapore Perfect For Your Child?


Do you want to get your child excited about STEM? If so, Newtonshow holiday camps kids Singapore is the perfect solution! We pride ourselves on running creative science-inspired holiday camps specifically designed to bolster children’s interest in STEM. At Newtonshow your child will conduct real experiments, study physics, astronomy, chemistry, and more! They will explore water, nitrogen, dry ice, and will take part in various competitions and games. You’ll be able tosee with your own eyes what your children are doing with their hands, from the many projects they can take home.

We run holiday camps throughout the year and are constantly developing new themes. Our camps cost SG$630, run for 5 days, from Monday to Friday, 9 am - 4 pm, and come with a healthy lunch and two snacks!

If you want your children to be challenged academically in a fun environment, while making new friends and conducting real science experiments, sign them up for a Newtonshow holiday camp today!


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