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Holiday camp


What you need to know about a children's camp in Singapore

At Newtonshow we’re proud to offer Singapore’s most engaging, hands-on holiday camps for kids aged 3-12 years old, with fun and learning at the centre of everything we do. Whether your kids are into space, whizz-bang experiments, dinosaurs, or slime, we have something that will inspire and entertain them!


Our goal is that every child who comes to our holiday camps will come home every day without homesickness, learning some of the new concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and enjoy a lot.

We believe that social education is an important part of a child’s development, so our Singapore holiday camps always include a balance between learning and enrichment, play and entertainment, with regular breaks for snacks and lunches.

Children’s camp programmes

Whatever the season, we have it covered at Newtonshow. With brand new programmes each spring, summer, autumn and winter, kids will always find something new to feed their curiosity. And with each season we explore diverse festivals from around the world and kids get the opportunity to learn about different cultures through creative and engaging methods.

Spring Programme

Chinese New Year holiday starts off the year with a bang (or firecracker!) as we delve into the science and mythology behind this colourful festival and celebrate the ingenuity of Chinese inventions. If that’s not enough excitement, Easter camp is the perfect time to ‘egg-speriment’ with everything associated with this fun-filled festival.

Summer Programme

Summer camp is our longest camp allows us to cover the greatest variety of topics, from robotics to dinosaurs, chemistry and our perennial favourite space. We guarantee to keep the hungriest minds satisfied and wanting to know more, so get ready to blast off!

Autumn Programme

Whether it’s the science behind the seasons, animal migrations or weather phenomena, autumn is a season that kids are sure to ‘fall’ in love with! And let’s not forget this season brings us Halloween with plenty of opportunities for spooky learning activities. Autumn camp will give your children unforgettable impressions.

Winter Programme

How could we have a winter programme without exploring the magic of Christmas? Whether it’s the science of the cold, the aerodynamics of Santa’s sleigh, or a hands-on workshop on snow production,in the Christmas camp we celebrate everything that makes this time of year so exciting.

Activities carried out in the children's camp

At Newtonshow we love hands-on activities that reinforce learning. We know that activities have to be interesting to ensure that kids are engaged and enjoying themselves so we’re constantly changing our programmes and keeping them topical. 

And we love an excuse for a colourful celebration! So at Easter we always have plenty of egg-themed experiments and activities, such as turning a fresh egg into a ‘rubber’ egg that will bounce on a table. At Christmas we always give kids a ‘frosty’ welcome and they’ll have fun with activities such as making snow or creating a Christmas tree using a 3D pen. And we welcome each Chinese New Year with experiments and activities themed around the relevant Chinese zodiac animal. Whatever the season, we always have competitions, quizzes, and even science battles (don’t worry, no one gets hurt!)

Why choose a children's camp in Singapore?

In our holiday camp there are different directions that your children can choose and what they like to do more. From sports camps to science. All the time the kids are going to be spending in our camp, they’re going to be doing good, and your kids will definitely not be bored in our camp.

We don’t just have counselors. In our camp, real teachers, psychologists, who are chosen for their ability to educate young students and help them develop social skills as well as knowledge.

In our camp we teach your children many experiments. They explore water, nitrogen, dry ice, we have various competitions and games

You can see with your own eyes what your children are doing with their own hands, as many projects they can take home.


Our 5-day programmes run from Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm, with a hearty and healthy lunch and 2 snacks provided. Priced at SG$630 a week, our camps offer value for money and some of the best content and teachers you’ll find at camps in Singapore.


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