Ultimate Singapore Kids Camp Guide for 2021

Updated: Jan 4

Despite a more positive outlook with respect to Covid, thanks to the ongoing vaccination programmes in Singapore and around the world, it looks like most of us won’t be travelling far afield this summer. Luckily, Singapore is a great place to be ‘stuck’ in, as there are lots of activities for families to enjoy together at weekends – beach days, cycling, ten pin bowling, ice skating to name just a few. But if summer 2021 is going to be spent in Singapore with parents at work for much of the time, kids will need time away from screens and the option to do more enriching activities. The good news is that Singapore offers a wealth of different summer camps that your kids can enjoy; camps that offer plenty of opportunities for personal growth, increased independence and self-esteem, new friendships, exposure to teamwork, and development of lifelong skills. Welcome to the ultimate guide to kids camps Singapore for 2021!

Choosing a Summer Camp

In the last 10 years the variety of camps for kids on offer in Singapore has increased dramatically. As well as the traditional camps that generally offer a mixture of arts, crafts, games and sporting activities, more providers are now offering camps that include specialization in specific sports, cookery, and STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). So your biggest issue might now be working out which summer camp would be the best fit for your child. Whichever camp you choose, we recommend you check out our top tips for preparing your child for camp. But to help you choose from the different camps on offer, here are some of the main camps you might consider:

Sports Camps

For active kids who enjoy physical activities, sports camps can be a great option. In Singapore you can often choose from football, rugby, basketball, netball, athletics, swimming, taekwondo, as well as fun activities such as frisbee and dodgeball. If your child is unsure which sport or physical activity they prefer, you could choose a multi-activity camp that offers the opportunity to try a number of different ones. Always remember that Singapore’s summer heat can be unrelenting, so make sure your child goes prepared with sunscreen, a hat, and a large bottle of water.

Coding Camps

If your child has an interest in computers, whether through playing games or a desire to understand how they work, coding camps could help them develop this interest into something that could be extremely useful in their adult lives. As well as introducing coding, these camps can offer fun learning activities involving robotics, circuit modelling, 3D modelling, engineering and programming. In good coding camps, learning is primarily achieved through making, doing and having fun.

Science Camps

If you want your child to learn without even knowing they’re doing it, science & technology camps can be a great option in Singapore. With fun at the heart of everything they do, reputable camps should offer plenty of hands-on activities, such as bubble challenges, slime making, quizzes, 3D puzzles and models, and perhaps weekly awards. Science camps may also offer lectures or other enrichment activities on specific topics such as dinosaurs, space, or even the science behind wizardry. As with all reputable camps, good science camps should offer a balance of enrichment, games, and recreational activities with regular breaks for snacks and meals.

Language Camps

Skill in a foreign language can open up future opportunities, both work and social, for your kids. Whether you’d like your child to practice a mother tongue or learn a completely new language, these camps often teach other subjects using this language as the main medium. English, French, Chinese and Spanish are some of the most commonly offered languages in Singapore.

Art & Theatre Camps

If you have a budding Picasso or Meryl Streep, art and theatre camps can be just the ticket.

For children with an interest in visual arts, art camps offer great opportunities for kids to express their creativity. Whether it be through painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery, drawing, or arts and crafts, established camps use art as a medium for enhancing a child’s overall development. If your kids have more of an interest in dramatic arts, theatre camps can be a great fit. As well as learning about the craft of acting, children can gain increased confidence and enjoy the teamwork involved in the theatrical arts.

With so many different types of camp available, there should be something for every taste. But whichever camp you choose, check out our 9 ways to get your child ready for camp. Happy camping this summer!

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