Why an online camp is a great summer activity for kids

Updated: Jan 4

What are online summer camps?

Online camps for kids have exploded in popularity in the last 18 months, ever since Covid-19 made us rethink the way our lives worked. Just as many of us have moved from working in an office to working from home, many camps have also made the same transition. And just as we’ve realised that there are many advantages to avoiding the commute and sitting in a noisy crowded office, experience with online camps has shown that they offer many benefits. Now your kids can enjoy a hands-on camp experience from the comfort of your home, while staying safe, engaged, and busy!

Online camps offer the same variety of fascinating topics as traditional camps, but are delivered via Zoom, with teachers spending 100% of their time with the kids. Thanks to modern technology and wifi, the experience can be just as interactive as an offline camp, with kids able to ask and answer questions, share knowledge and be part of the conversation. Reputable camps should provide new material for each season and can include subjects as diverse as science, art, singing and dance, and creative writing. They even include activity camps for kids. If you’re wondering how to choose a holiday camp, here’s some information on online camps that might help.

Why do kids love online camps so much?

Parents love online camps because they have the security of knowing their children are in a safe environment, engaged in fun enriching activities, with no need for supervision. Kids love online camps for a whole variety of reasons:

Online camps are social environments – kids get to socialise with kids from other schools, make friends, and share knowledge.

Online camps are enriching environments – the topics and materials are tailored to be age-appropriate, fun, engaging, and stimulating.

Online camps are interactive and hands-on – camps are moderated so that every child gets a chance to engage with teachers and other students and have their input; they get to perform hands-on activities and experiments and see others doing the same.

Online camps are convenient – kids can take part in camps from the comfort of their home and can even stay in their pyjamas if they prefer!

Online camps are fun – kids can enjoy the freedom and independence of camps without the need for supervision, and camps are designed to be interesting and fun.

5 online camps to check out

If you’re interested in online summer camps for kids, check out our 5 recommendations for interesting camps in Singapore:

Abrakadoodle – if you’ve got a budding artist at home, you could consider these artistic online camps and themed workshops, including the dinosaur-themed Artosaurus. You just

need to prepare your own drawing and painting materials before the lessons and you’re ready to go.

MADDspace – if your child likes to sing, dance or perform, this camp is now offering online classes that cover singing, dancing and acting. Who knows, you might end up with a K-pop star!

Trehaus – offering a varied programme including mindfulness, multi-sports and fun with food, this camp caters for many needs. Their holiday camp box includes delicious treats and materials for themed activities.

Lorna Whiston – if your child is a wannabe JK Rowling or even just wants to improve their English, this language-based summer camp could be just the ticket. Their experienced teachers ensure personalised attention for each kid.

Newtonshow – with its ever-popular Professors offering the most hands-on experience that’s possible, this camp covers topics as diverse as Space, dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, great inventors, and nanotechnology. All the necessary equipment is sent in a box to your doorstep and there are small groups for workshops that ensure that every child learns while having the maximum fun.

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