Why everyone should learn to cook

Updated: Jan 4

Food is such an essential part of all our lives. It keeps us alive and healthy. It helps us to grow. And it can be totally yummy! So knowing how to prepare food is an important skill that kids are never too young to start learning. But what if you’re not a confident cook or don’t have time to teach your kids the skills of the kitchen? Luckily, cooking camps for kids are becoming more widely available and their experts can introduce your little ones to the wonders of cooking.

1. What is a cooking camp?

Cooking camps are like other organized holiday camps but they focus on cooking and related activities. They make cooking fun and enriching and provide all the essential equipment, such as cooking utensils, ovens, sinks, as well as the ingredients needed to make the chosen food. Importantly, reputable cooking camps put safety as the highest priority and make sure that all children are guided and supervised by experienced adults who will help teach them how to stay safe in a kitchen. Many cooking camps will have dishes of the day and some even have a special theme, such as Mexican or Thai food. Cooking camps aren’t just about taking home some yummy food (even though there is plenty of that), they’re also about learning important skills that will be useful throughout life.

2. Who’s it for?

Cooking camps for kids in Singapore are generally for all children from ages 6 to 14 years. The key requirements are that kids are able to communicate verbally, follow instructions, and use basic kitchen utensils. Younger kids will be given less challenging (but just as fun!) cooking activities. Good camps will have expert chefs with experience of teaching children to make sure that kids get the best possible experience at camp.

3. Is cooking for girls or boys?

Think of some of the most famous chefs and you might think of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. So if you think cooking is just for girls, try telling that to Jamie! Older generations might have been taught that cooking was more important for women to learn, but as equality has improved most people have come to realise that cooking is an important skill for everyone to develop, even if they don’t aspire to be chefs when they’re older. Luckily, there are now cooking summer camps for kids as well as camps that are run over most school holidays.

4. Benefits of learning to cook

If we want our children to grow into healthy independent adults it’s important that they learn some essential life skills. There are many benefits that they can gain from learning to cook; here are just a few reasons to send your child to cooking school:

- Improved confidence - as kids learn how to master an ‘adult activity’ such as cooking, they begin to realise that they are capable of doing many things they previously thought were beyond them.

- Independence - being able to prepare their own food is an important skill that will make kids more independent.

- An adventurous palate - trying new foods can help to make kids more adventurous when approaching foods they haven’t seen before; that adventurous spirit can cross over to other activities too.

- Making informed choices towards a healthy lifestyle - as kids understand how food is made and what it contains, this can help them to make smart choices about which foods to choose and which to avoid.

There are many types of camps for kids, but we recommend searching for cooking camps for kids nearby so that your child can start to explore the amazing world of cooking!

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