Why we shouldn’t be afraid of robots

Updated: Jan 4

Robots are everywhere around us! But don’t panic, they’re not very scary. In fact, there are lots of useful machines around you that you might not even realize are robots. Take the ATM that delivers cash to you - that’s technically a robot. And so is the vending machine at your local swimming pool. That’s because ‘robots’ are machines (generally programmable by a computer) that can carry out a complex series of actions on their own. Amazingly, the first simple robots date back to Leonard da Vinci or before, but it’s only in the last 50 years that they’ve started to become a really important part of the human world.

Robotics is already an important field, but it’s almost certainly going to become an increasingly important part of our children’s lives as they grow into adulthood. Robots are currently used to help with complex surgery, underwater exploration, agriculture, manufacturing, and space exploration. Drones, which are a type of robot, are already used by companies such as Amazon to deliver packages. And as our kids grow older they might visit a robot instead of a doctor, or even be taught by robot teachers. So there’s a strong case for introducing them to this amazing form of technology as early as possible and robots for kids in Singapore will help them do that.

Here are just some of the reasons why we shouldn’t be afraid of robots, but instead should see the amazing benefits that robotics classes for kids can bring:

Robotics programmes develop coding skills

We live in a digital age, so knowledge of coding is likely to become an increasingly key skill for young people as they enter the workplace. Coding is essential to robotics as it provides the instructions that a robot must execute. Through robotics programmes, kids can learn from hands-on experience how to code so that robots perform tasks - they will undoubtedly meet obstacles along the way but will learn to overcome them. A knowledge of coding will therefore be invaluable for anyone wishing to work in robotics or associated fields.

Robotics programmes encourage problem-solving and creativity

Programming robots to carry out tasks, kids will encounter many obstacles but learn that overcoming them is the fun and rewarding part. They will also learn from experience that there can be multiple pathways to achieve a chosen goal and that broad-spectrum problem solving is required. Robotics for children can help develop the tools that kids need to think creatively, as well as the perseverance needed to solve complex problems.

Robotics programmes are a great way to teach science and mathematics

Kids love to create but they don’t always appreciate the creativity in complex mathematics! Through hands-on experience with robots, kids will see how numbers on a page translate to physical outcomes and real-world applications. Likewise, robotics and science go hand-in-hand. For example, getting a robot to move and lift objects can help with an understanding of physics; adding an electrical element to a robot can help kids learn about photovoltaics and solar power.

Robotics programmes encourage logic and scientific thinking

Learning about robots for kids can help them develop an ability to solve problems using critical thinking and logical reasoning. In order to make robots perform tasks kids will need to break down problems into a series of steps and systematically work through them to achieve a desired outcome. Logic and scientific thinking are incredibly transferable skills that are required not just in the fields of science and mathematics but in many other professional areas as well.

Robotics programmes offer a gateway to the future

There are many reasons why kids should learn about robotics, but one inescapable reason is that robots are likely to become a key field in the near future. Just like computers were a few decades ago, robots are going to become increasingly impossible to avoid. We are already using ‘co-bots’ (robots that work in close proximity to humans) to perform tasks more efficiently, and robots are only going to become more prevalent across human society. It’s therefore likely that a basic knowledge of robotics will be useful for nearly everyone in the future, which makes it an important consideration when deciding how to choose a holiday camp for your child.

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