Dec 18, 2021

20 Things To Do At Home With Kids

Description: Are you looking for ways to keep your kids entertained and happy while they are at home? Then check out this list of our top 20 activities, including simple and exciting games, to do with kids at home! 20 Fun and Simple Activities to Try With Your Kids at Home

Are you all out of ideas and can’t think of things to do with your kids at home? Have no fear! We are going to show 20 amazing activities for kids at home that you can try out right now. All of our activities are not only designed to keep your children entertained, but are a great way to bond with your kids and help them develop a range of awesome skills. Let’s get started!

1. Read A Book Together

Is there anything better than cozying up together on the couch or in bed and reading a book with your child? Reading is one of the best things to do with kids at home because of all the benefits it brings to your child, which include:

  • Enhanced vocabulary

  • Improved listening skills

  • Higher levels of creativity

  • Longer attention

  • Improved writing ability

Some of our favorite books to read with kids include the Harry Potter series or any book by Roald Dahl. By reading with your child for just 15 to 30 minutes every day you will help them develop skills that will stay with your child for a lifetime! Remember, don’t just read stories to your child but get them to read sentences and paragraphs and test their memory by asking them questions about the plot.

2. Kick A Football Around

Whether you want your child to be the next Ronaldo or you just want them to get some extra exercise then playing a bit of at-home football is a great activity. Not only will you and your child get the benefit of all those positive endorphins rushing through your bodies after exercise, with some extra football practice your child will be able to impress his or her teammates with their newly developed skills!

3. Cook A Dessert Dish Together

Does your child have a sweet tooth? Then why not try cooking an amazing dessert together. You could bake a cake, make a milkshake or even create your own ice cream - the options are limitless! By cooking with your child not only will you be able to teach them some cooking skills, but you can show them the power of teamwork. You never know, you might inspire them to become a chef and open the next big hit restaurant!

4. Write Letters

Do you want your child to have amazing handwriting? Writing letters is a great activity to do with kids! By writing letters your child will learn how to control a pen or pencil and find out that avoiding spelling errors without spellcheck is not an easy task! You should get your child to write letters to their friends who will be pleasantly surprised. In the age of text and email, receiving a paper letter is a nice touch and shows a certain level of care and effort.

5. Conduct A Science Experiment

One of the most underrated activities to do with kids is conducting a simple science experiment. By undertaking a science experiment you can teach your child some valuable lessons about the scientific laws governing the world in an exciting way that they are never going to forget.

Our favorite science experiment is creating a baking soda volcano. All you need to do is wrap a bottle in paper mache and then fill the bottle ⅔ full with warm water, add some food coloring and baking detergent. Then finally, when you want the explosion to occur, pour in some vinegar and watch your kid smile as the lava starts shooting out of your volcano! Remember to only conduct this experiment in a place you don’t mind getting dirty. And save some extra time for the clean-up afterward!

6. Play A Board Game

Board games are so much fun to play but did you know they also have other benefits? Playing board games is a great way to teach your child how to lose and win respectfully and also the importance of playing with others. Certain games are also effective at building critical thinking skills and learning strategic gameplay. Some of our favorite board games include Risk, where you attempt to conquer the world with your army, and Catan, a trading commerce-based game.

7. Learn A Few Words In Another Language

Ever wondered how people say hello in different countries? Well, why not spend the afternoon with your child learning how to greet each other in different languages. Learning foreign languages is one of the best activities for kids at home, as it has a positive impact on your child’s memory and cognitive ability and you never know what kind of doors knowing a foreign language could open! They could end up working at an international company running a foreign department or become a diplomat organizing trade deals.

8. Play A Game Of Chess

Are you sick of your child wasting hours in front of a screen playing pointless and addictive games? Well, why don’t you teach them a game that has been played for centuries: chess! Scientific studies have shown that chess significantly increases children's visual memory, attention span, and spatial-reasoning ability. If you want to play a fun game with your child that will actually improve their studying capabilities then try chess. If you play consistently your child could become a chess champion and travel the world competing in tournaments with huge cash prizes!

9. Draw Each Other

One of the most fun things to do with kids at home is to create portraits of each other and see what crazy results your child is able to come up with. Don’t get offended if your child draws you with some slightly unflattering features! Teaching your child to draw is an amazing way to get them to tap into their inner artist and increase creativity. To make this activity even more exciting you can buy a range of different colored pencils or paint and let your child go wild creating an original portrait!

10. Wash Your Pets

Do you have a cat or dog? Then they probably could do with a wash! Why not get your child involved and ask them to lend a helping hand? While initially, your kid may not be thrilled about doing chores, you can teach them the importance of taking care of others, and when your pet is spraying water all over the bathroom your kid may be smiling from ear to ear!

11. Play Hide And Seek

Looking for a fun and silly game that doesn’t require any equipment? Then hide and seek is your answer. With this game, the finder closes their eyes and counts to 50 while the other person hides. After the finder has finished counting they open their eyes and try to find the person hiding. This game is very simple but, trust us, your child will want to play round after round. Some of the best hiding spots are in cupboards, underneath beds, or behind curtains. To make it even more exciting you can have a prize for the person who can stay hidden the longest!

12. Sing Some Of Your Favorite Songs

Is there a better feeling than singing along with your friends? Of course not! Simply pick some of your child’s top songs or some of your childhood favorites and have a karaoke night. Singing is a great way to release positive emotions and create memories that will last forever. You may even inspire your kid to take up singing and become a pop or rockstar! If you are feeling a little more adventurous you could write a song with your child and see if you can pen the next big pop anthem!

13. Play Fighting

Play fighting may sound like a strange thing to do with a child but it is actually recommended by many medical professionals. Play fighting is highly effective at strengthening your child’s muscles, helping them improve their coordination, and building up their cardio and lung capacity. Play fighting is also a great way to help your child burn some extra energy. If your child has trouble relaxing before sleep we recommend a few rounds of play fighting a few hours before bedtime. Trust us, they will quickly get exhausted and sleep through the night!

14. Complete A Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you want to improve your child’s spatial reasoning, memory and relieve stress? Then purchase the biggest jigsaw puzzle you can find and spend an entire afternoon finishing a complex puzzle. Some of our favorite jigsaw puzzles include world-famous cities such as Rome and New York or depictions of the solar system. To ensure your kid doesn’t get bored make sure you pick a jigsaw puzzle with an amazing theme that will keep them captivated for hours.

15. Perform A Yoga Routine

Feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed? Are your kids driving you a little crazy? Then it is time to decompress with a family yoga workout! Yoga is an amazing way to improve your posture, strength, get rid of kinks in your muscles, and achieve a peaceful state of mind. You can hop on YouTube and quickly find a beginner’s friendly yoga routine that you can smash out with your kids. Even if you can only manage 10 minutes you will see a big change in your and your child’s mood. Start practicing your yoga poses right now!

16. Start Dancing

It is time to start connecting your mind and body and express yourself physically. One of the very best activities to do with kids is to simply dance. Don’t worry if you are not a Beyonce, nobody is going to judge you! Just throw on your favorite song and start moving your body and encourage your kids to do the same. Don’t be surprised if you turn your living room into a dance floor and you are shaking different body parts for hours to come. We find that dancing is an amazing way to connect with your kids and also teach them how to build confidence in expressing themselves without fear of shame or embarrassment!

17. Create A Fort

This is one of our favorite activities for kids at home when it is cold and rainy outside. All you need is to grab as many blankets, sheets, and pillows as possible and build a castle. After just a few minutes of putting on your architect cap, you can create an incredible fort that not only looks amazing but is incredibly cozy. To make this game even more fun you can pretend to be knights, kings, and queens with one group trying to defend the fort and the others trying to invade. You can use pillows as weapons and have the most epic pillow fight of all time. Creating a fort will build your child’s imagination and give them a fun way to blow off some steam.

18. Organize A Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for activities to do with kids that are fun, simple, and won’t break your bank account? Then why not organize a treasure hunt. You can find different sweets and chocolates around the house and get your kids to find them. You can hide something very obvious to give your kids some positive reinforcement but remember to make some things hard to find so as to encourage them to work hard for their reward. Your children will be so excited to go searching for treasure and you won’t be able to wipe their smiles off when they manage to actually find some treats.

The great thing about treasure hunts is that you can include anything you want! While we like including chocolates in our hunts you could place toys or other fun rewards. Remember to make sure you collect all items once the treasure hunt is finished because you don’t want any pets chewing on toys and wolfing down some chocolates!

19. Teach Your Dog A New Trick!

Did you ever dream of getting your dog to roll over or give you 5? Well, it is time to turn your child into a dog trainer! There is no better way to teach your child compassion and empathy than by getting them to bond with your dog. By getting your child to teach your dog a new trick they foster a deeper relationship with their pet and create some memories that will last forever. Some of the easiest tricks to start teaching dogs include rolling over, shaking hands, and standing on two legs. You can quickly hop on YoutTube to find quick and easy tutorials which will turn your dog into a star attraction in no time!

20. Build A Lego Set

One of the greatest all-around activities for kids at home is building a Lego set. Lego is played by millions of kids all around the world and is also incredibly popular among adults. By building Lego you can enjoy a fun hobby that your child will also love. The amazing thing about Lego is that you can find sets with diverse themes including different cities, Star Wars, superheroes, outer space, and everything you can possibly imagine. Lego is not just about fun, it can actually have a range of benefits for your child including:

  • Fine motor skill development - After connecting all those little Lego bits your child will have amazing control over their fingers and hands!

  • Communication - Your child will have to learn how to communicate effectively with you if they want to successfully construct a Lego project.

  • Problem-solving - Building Lego can be a challenge but your child will learn to overcome issues by working on their problem-solving skills!

  • Creativity - With Lego children can build whatever pops into their minds!

Now that you know the best activities for kids at home, it is time to put these fun tasks into action. However, if you are short on time or don’t have room at home to carry out these different things, don’t worry because we have a solution: Newtonshow Camp!

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