3 hours workshop includes:


Super cold liquid – Find out how solids, liquids and gases change when rapidly heated and cooled. Shrink a balloon instantly! What happens to living things if they are frozen? How can Newton's 3rd Law of Motion explain a liquid nitrogen sprinkler? Learn what is the Leidenfrost effect anyway and more...!


Magic beast workshop - after our introduction to magic beast world, use all your imagination to create your own pet-beast!


Glowing slime - our Hogwarts teacher is a big expert in different polymers! He is the one, who will provide an introduction to understanding polymers behaviour and study polymers performance. With help of science, kids will do glowing in the dark slime in the end of the session!


LOCATION: 9, Mohamed Sultan road 02/02, Newtonshow LAB

8/12 Harry Potter - Super Cold Liquid/Magic beast/Glowing slime

Date and time

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