3 hours workshop includes:


Magic workshop – in every magic there is a bit of science…even if you see magic and think it cant be true, our teachers can explain you what and why happened, prepare to be amazed!


Wizarding wand workshop - have a go at personalising your very own magic wand. Try adding glitter or gem stones for extra effect. Why not paint your own owl or magical creature on the wand? Everything is possible in Harry Potter world!


Powders workshop - our Hogwarts teacher is a big expert in different powders! He is the one, who will provide an introduction to understanding powder flow and powder behaviour and study powder performance. With help of science, kids will get tonns of knowledge!


LOCATION: 9, Mohamed Sultan road 02/02, Newtonshow LAB

25/11 Harry Potter - Magic/Wizarding wand/Powders

Date and time

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