3 hours workshop includes:


Super ice session - everyone knows what is ice, but in Harry Potter science World we can observe magic ice, what can become gas without been a liquid! Many experiments and hands-on will help kids to understand how it works! (scientific explanation will be provided by the teachers)

Calligraphy workshop - specially tailored for kids, tricks and secrets of creating own style. Its a must for every Wizard to have own style and own spell book! Kids can even prepare own ink with own secret recipe!


Potion class - we cant imagine magic world without Potion, can you? We have hundreds of ingredients to mix and match to create your unique potion! Glittery or dark, glowing or matte?  You choose!


LOCATION: 9, Mohamed Sultan road 02/02, Newtonshow LAB

24/11 Harry Potter - Potion/Magic ice/Calligraphy

Date and time

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