Quest in the box

Quest in a box - a new genre in the world of intellectual games for families locked at home, combining a detective story with elements of immersion, a real-life quest and a board game. And there's no need to go anywhere - the quest itself will come to your home! There are no restrictions on location or time - you can play the game anywhere, at your leisure. The quest will feel real because inside the parcel there are real documents, real evidence and physical objects that will immerse you in the story and help to keep the whole family busy and entertained!


Be ready to be busy for at least 2 hours!

We have 2 different  subjects: Professor Brain mystery and Harry Potter quest

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Be ready to be busy at least 2 hours!

Good for kids and families

Science experiments, logical tasks 


What is in the box?

The most unexpected items that you'll need to complete the quest
Documents, clues, logical tasks
Science experiments
Flexible hints to help solve the riddles
Mathematical /logical tasks
prizes in the end

Why this is a must try?

First feedbacks:

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Play when convenient
There's no restriction on time or place - play at a convenient time at home, alone or with whole family
Delivery across Singapore
We deliver parcels across Singapore in a way that works for you: from 1 to 2 hours delivery
In order to complete the quests you'll need to use all the real items contained in the box
Original plot
We never copy existing plots but instead create our own original stories with unique quests
Each package is assembled manually. Inside are real items that will help immerse you in the quest as you try to solve it
Great gift
Want to really surprise your kids or family? Order our 'Quest in a box' for them and keep them busy and entertained!