Bes quest party in Singapore

Quest party

Do you want to join a real SPY school, where you will complete many tasks with one main goal - to identify WHO IS THE SPY?

Or do you want to act as a real detective and carry out a real crime investigation? We have a mission for you - help us to catch the murderer!

Spy quest

Detective quest

A victim has been found and your group must discover the true identity of the killer!
We have several suspects: Alpha, Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar and Tango.
We don't know anything about the victim, only that he knew in advance he would be killed and so left us a message...
Detective quest

SPY quest

Do you want to be a real 007 agent? We will show you many tricks to make your dream come true! Learn cyphers, dead-drops and surveillance techniques. Construct elaborate traps to stop your rivals.
A big project is waiting for you – with the help of science you will complete an investigation and decide who is the real SPY!..

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