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Bes quest party in Singapore

Quest party

Do your kids love to decipher secret records, solve logical puzzles, and find geocaches? These and many other tasks await your child at a Newtonshow quest party! Kids will find themselves immersed in an amazing story game that will help develop logic at the same time as it excites the imagination. Various active quests have become a favourite hobby for many kids - they represent a new kind of exciting outdoor activity that keeps kids active and away from screens while helping to strengthen team spirit.

Detective quest

A victim has been found and your group must discover the true identity of the killer!
We have several suspects: Alpha, Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar and Tango.
We don't know anything about the victim, only that he knew in advance he would be killed and so left us a message...
Detective quest
Spy quest

SPY quest

Many children dream of becoming spies, secret agents and directors of global intelligence. Give them this opportunity by booking a Spy quest party for kids! During the quest, our intrepid young spies will perform various tasks and complete a secret mission. There will be a lot of riddles, mysteries, fun, and laughs!

Organizing a quest birthday party is a great option that allows your child to have fun, experience positive emotions, and simultaneously develop his or her mental abilities, logic, attention, and teamwork. This is a new and unique experience that the children will not get to experience in their normal lives. With Newtonshow, your child will plunge into a mysterious world where they can be a detective or spy for the day. So don’t delay - book a quest that you and your children will remember for a long time!

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