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Santa Embassy

We are officeial Santa Embassy in Singapore. It's your one-stop shop for everything festive, where you can invite Santa to visit your home on Christmas Eve, order a 'meet and greet' for your business, read all the latest news from the North Pole, or even become Santa's most trusted junior helper! We absolutely love the unique spirit of Christmas and our mission is to make this December the most memorable and 'Christmassy' ever. With the help of our team of elves we'll stop at nothing to add some festive magic to your life! 

Are you tired of waiting in line for your kids to meet Santa? Do you remember your own thrill as you met Santa for the first time? We want to bring Christmas to your doorstep so you can experience the joy on your kids' faces as they meet Santa in person. There's 'snow place like home', so if you can't make it to the North Pole, Santa can bring the magic of Christmas direct to you! 

Santa Embassy is happy to offer such services:

Big events
Santa show

Photo and video

Santa home visit
Santa school
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