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Aug 6, 2021

The opportunities offered by drama camps

The school holidays are coming up and you’ve decided you want to choose a holiday camp for your child. There are many types of camps available, from science to cooking to sports camps, but you might want to seriously consider enrolling them in a drama class in Singapore.


There are many reasons why your child will love drama camp. For example, drama classes for kids can promote self-confidence, teamwork, and communication skills, or just provide a great way to make new friends. The best drama schools in Singapore should offer engaging lessons and, importantly, the opportunity to perform in front of an audience - reputable drama camps generally culminate in a group performance that parents can watch, so that kids can put into practice all the skills they’ve learnt from the classes and parents can see the impressive progress they’ve made.

Drama topics for schools can range from the serious to the light-hearted but they nearly always involve kids taking on the part of a character. By encouraging kids to ‘live in someone else’s shoes’, drama camps can help develop empathy and compassion for others. However, the benefits of going to drama school can continue long after the camp has finished. Here are just some of the transferable skills that kids can gain from taking part in acting classes:


1. The language and communication skills that kids can learn through drama classes can help them at school and beyond. From English classes to maths lessons, the ability to understand the nuances of language and communicate ideas will help to give kids the best opportunity of success at school and in future careers. Kids who can clearly express themselves will always have an advantage in life.


2. The increased confidence that children can get from drama performances can help them with many activities that require performance in front of an audience. This confidence, combined with the skills learnt during drama classes, could increase their chances of getting acting opportunities in media such as film and advertising. You never know, a drama school in Singapore might ignite a lifelong passion for acting that could start your child on the road to Hollywood!


3. The improved concentration and memory skills that kids can learn through the processes that acting requires, such as learning and rehearsing lines, are important life skills that will be useful at all stages of their academic and professional careers. In addition, many warm-up exercises involve improvisation games that can help kids learn to ‘think on their feet’, which is another valuable skill in life.


4. Although you might not think that your child will be physically active during drama classes, performing arts exercises can offer a good workout and improve flexibility, coordination, balance, and control. For example, some exercises may involve breath control and holding poses. In addition, an actor’s ability to project his or her voice can be useful for all types of public performance, including school presentations.


5. Acting involves the process of inhabiting another world and character, which can only enhance your child’s imagination and creativity, two of the most important skills for ‘future-proofing’ their development in an ever-changing world.


6. Drama camps are social environments where friendships can be easily made as kids work together in games, activities and performances. Key skills, such as cooperation and teamwork, begin development almost immediately after starting a drama school, leading to enhanced social skills, and increased confidence and self-esteem.


7. Kids normally get the opportunity to perform some traditional and modern tales during drama camps. Exposure to some of these classic works can help to foster an appreciation for arts and culture.

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So, if you’re wondering whether your child should start in drama school, it’s worth considering some of these wider benefits that drama classes could bring. Happy acting!


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