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Nov 17, 2022

Why your little one will love Junior Playgroups

After getting many requests to cater specifically for younger children, we designed Newtonshow Junior to do just that. Now your little ones, from ages 2.5 to 6 years old, can enjoy a camp/playgroup that is tailored especially for their needs.


What’s different about Newtonshow Junior?

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We know from experience that younger children thrive when they are in smaller groups, with more one-on-one time with teachers. In addition, we know they just LOVE getting their hands messy!

So, we’ve designed a special junior playgroup and camp that has much smaller groups and involves masses of hands-on activities that will give them an understanding of basic science, engineering, robotics, making, and coding. And they’ll also have oodles of fun through cooking, art, and drama lessons. We pride ourselves on offering the best balance of enrichment, games, and recreational activities.

What does an average day at Junior Playgroups look like?


Newtonshow Junior is a playgroup and camp that runs throughout the year, not just in school holidays, from 8:45am to 2pm every week day. Each day kids will have at least one hour of science plus additional activities focusing on engineering, coding, robotics, making, drama, art, and cooking lessons. The emphasis is very much on learning through having as much fun as possible! We keeps groups small, with a maximum of 5 children in each group. Kids can join on a weekly basis and we always make sure we have a completely new ‘subject of the week’ each week - previous subjects have included The Prehistoric World, Forces and Motion, Space Mission, The Human Body, and Santa Science. A healthy lunch and snacks are provided each day (halal and vegetarian options are available), and door-to-door bus transportation can be arranged on request.


Will my kids by safe at Junior Playgroups?


At Newtonshow we take safety very seriously. Our small groups ensure that kids are always under the guidance of a teacher and we take sanitation very seriously. Every child has their temperature taken and sanitizes their hands before being allowed entry, plus we make sure everyone washes their hands regularly throughout the day and observes safe distancing practices. 


How should I prepare my child for Newtonshow Junior?


With younger children it’s natural that there may be some anxiety (for children and parents!) before the first day at camp, but after one or two days at camp this anxiety normally disappears, and children are too busy having fun to worry about anything else. You can help settle any pre-camp nerves by talking about what the camp will entail – interesting topics, games, fun activities, making new friend. On a practical note, we ask that each child brings a bag packed with a reusable water bottle. 


What’s the most important thing to know about Junior Playgroups?


Learning will be heaps of fun and your kids might not want to go home!


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