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Biggest camp from Singapore in KL

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Newtonshow Summer camp Kuala Lumpur


For kids 3 - 13 years old

27 May - 30 August 2024

(27 May - 30 August 2024)
in convenient location!


SUMMER CAMP Kuala Lumpur

Newtonshow is the most established science camp in Singapore now available in Kuala Lumpur!. This season we are delighted to offer two science programmes - "The most hands-on science camp" and "Harry Potter science school"

Harry Potter - New program! Whether they want to be in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin, kids will love our Harry Potter camp. Whether they’re taking part in a magic wand workshop, playing Quidditch, or making potions, kids will get a truly hands-on experience. They’ll learn about alchemy, divination, astronomy, and even how animals communicate. We can promise they’ll have an absolutely ‘magical’ time!

'The most hands-on Science' camp - Chemistry, with its exciting fizzes and bangs, is a subject that really fascinates kids. It gets them thinking 'What will happen if...?' Well, let's start experimenting and see! This is the very hands-on camp and good even for little explorers! All experiments kids will do with their own hands!

We know how to make your kids' holidays awesome, educational and full of science fun in summer camp Kuala Lumpur! We have 11 years of experience, across 5 countries, with more than 30,000 happy campers in Singapore alone!


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Newtonshow offer

The most interesting, motivating
science lectures


Personal growth

The most experienced camp from Singapore!

2 snacks and

healthy lunch provided

Hands-on activities

Why CHOOSE Newtonshow?




Programs done!


in Singapore


location in KL




Languages spoken


We are the camp in Kuala Lumpur
that sends you a daily video!
You can see what
YOUR child did and discuss it with them!

Video from the camp sent to parents

Price and duration

5 days
9 AM-4 PM

999 MYR
*all inclusive

*all materials, t-shirt, photos, certificate, water bottle and Newtonshow magazine  included


Nicki Lee

Great experience at Science camp! My son had so much fun taking part in the camp. 

Kids enjoyed and learned a lot on science. The staff are friendly and engaging.

My todd loves their camp a lot!

Richard Poh

I was worried at first because it was his first time taking class abroad for my son but he told me on the first day "Mom, why did you come so fast? I wanted to stay longer".

He said it was fun to make the Big Bang experiment, the fire show, robot-controlling and cooking.

Mark Brooke

My little girl really had some of BEST DAYS of her life at Harry Potter Science camp.

She made her own snow globe, wizarding goo and Christmas charm; learned about astronomy, explored the science of cold and even took part in a potion class.

This camp really put the magic into Christmas. She really enjoyed each day!

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Summer Camp in Kuala Lumpur


If you're looking for an exciting and entertaining place for your kids to have fun during the summertime here in Kuala Lumpur, enroll them in our Summer Camp which offers numerous engaging and enriching activities! We offer youngsters fascinating training courses in game form under the control of experienced mentors and instructors. At our renowned summer camp, we actively encourage campers to cooperate. This way, kids gain friendship-building experience, develop personally, and forge unforgettable memories. That's why our Summer Camp in Kuala Lumpur stands out for its popularity among children and is considered one of the best recreation centres in Malaysia.

Benefits of Our Summer Camp for Kids


As part of each programme, campers perform various individual and group tasks. Through these activities they develop the following personal features: Independence and self-confidence Social skills Research interest All assignments at our Kids Summer Camp are hands-on practical activities, which will help your children develop important life skills. Furthermore, our experienced educators will introduce your kids to new concepts that will help themlook at familiar things from a different angle. This can help them to discover new passions and perhaps even set them on the path to a future career.

Engaging Activities and Programmes


At our camp we are delighted to offer several fascinating training courses. The 'The most hands-on Science' and 'Harry Potter Science' Summer Camp programmes are two of our most popular and include plenty of enriching and thrilling activities. For example, the 'Unbelievable Science' course offers the following events: Super Fun Science Experiments Dry Ice Exploration Mysterious Powder Identification The 'Harry Potter Science' programme, in turn, involves the following activities: Volcano Eruption Project Astronomy Class Bubble Science As a part of our Summer Camp activities, your kids will receive valuable gifts to take home!

Learning Opportunities


At our summer camp your children will not only have fun, they'll also master numerous new skills and expand their knowledge in important life areas. That's because we offer campers the opportunity to participate in exciting experiments, through which they learn how to use various specific tools. Proficient instructors at our Toddlers Summer Camp will assist your kids during each step of every activity. The trainers know how to create an encouraging atmosphere, so youngsters can have real fun when participating in hands-on events. This way, your children gain useful knowledge in a welcoming and interactive environment.

Social Interaction and Friendship Building


We offer plenty of great activities within which kids have the opportunity to cooperate with each other. Our 'Unbelievable Science' programme offers the following incredible projects: Communication Without Talking LEGO and KEVAplanks Competitions Human Body Challenge And within the 'Harry Potter Science' at our Summer Camp Malaysia, youngsters actively interact with each other by participating in the following activities: 3D Puzzle Assembling Quidditch and Wand Building Competitions Golden Snitch Catapult Making (kids will enjoy testing their inventions at the end) Our mentors provide youngsters with a warm and supportive atmosphere so that kids can make new friends easily, practice communication skills, develop empathy, and gain teamwork experience.

Nurturing Environment and Qualified Staff

It's incredibly important that youngsters stay safe at holiday camps. That's why our Summer Camp in Malaysia focuses on providing campers with a totally secure and healthy environment that includes the following features: Attentive and responsive educators Experienced instructors (most of whom have over 6 years of experience working with kids) Skilled medical staff who prioritize the well-being of your children Thanks to our careful, proficient, and amiable personnel, we are able to ensure campers are happy and enthusiastic throughout the whole training course.

Parental Involvement and Communication

When you let your kids visit our Summer Camp, you shouldn't worry about them. That's because we ensure parents receive daily communication about their children. Every day our staff will film and send videos that show how your kids are getting on at our holiday camp. This ensures that, parents are able to discuss the day’s activities with their children. Moreover, you can communicate with the Summer Camp organizers and even visit your kids if necessary.

Why Choose Summer Camp Malaysia?

Enrolling your children in Summer Camp Malaysia 2023 will give them an exciting summer full of lifelong memories. That's because our holiday camp allows youngsters to gain useful life experience, acquire practical skills and, of course, make a lot of new friends. So, if you are looking for a summer camp 'near me', apply for our holiday camp in Kuala Lumpur right now!

Our Location:

Kuala Lumpur

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