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Newtonshow CNY camp 


For kids 3 - 13 years old

21-25 January 2023

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Our camp program for 2023 is coming soon

CNY Holiday camp

(21-25 January 2023)
in four locations - CENTER, EAST, NOVENA and WEST of Singapore!


Newtonshow’s CNY Camp is designed to make learning about this Lunar festival as much fun as possible. Kids will learn about topics as diverse as Chinese inventors, CNY parade, dragons, Moon Phases and tasty science, and get the opportunity to make their own 3D puzzle.


There will be plenty of hands-on activities, including tiger slime and bubble workshops, as well as the chance to make powder potions and take part in a science battle! And of course the zodiac animal for 2022, the Tiger, will feature throughout. As with all Newtonshow camps, lunch and 2 snacks will be provided for all participants.!

​You can join ANY NUMBER OF DAYS, every day have different program!



Newtonshow offer

The most interesting, motivating
science lectures


Personal growth

transportation (optional)

Halal/vegetarian/ non-vegetarian meals

Hands-on activities

Day in the camp

newtonshow camp time-table

Social games





Science hands-on/


We are the only camp in Singapore
that sends you a daily video!
You can see what
YOUR child did and discuss it with them!

Video from the camp sent to parents

Price and duration

5 days
9 AM-4 PM

137 SGD
*all included

1 to 5 days
9 AM-4 PM

*all materials, t-shirt, photos, certificate and limited edition cap included, bus - optional


Nicki Lee

Great experience at Science camp! My son had so much fun taking part in the camp. 

Kids enjoyed and learned a lot on science. The staff are friendly and engaging.

My todd loves their camp a lot!

Richard Poh

I was worried at first because it was his first time taking class abroad for my son but he told me on the first day "Mom, why did you come so fast? I wanted to stay longer".

He said it was fun to make the Big Bang experiment, the fire show, robot-controlling and cooking.

Mark Brooke

My little girl really had some of BEST DAYS of her life at Harry Potter Science camp.

She made her own snow globe, wizarding goo and Christmas charm; learned about astronomy, explored the science of cold and even took part in a potion class.

This camp really put the magic into Christmas. She really enjoyed each day!

Photo & video

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5 Reasons Why Kids Camp is Awesome

5 Reasons Why Kids Camp is Awesome
Although every child is unique, at Newtonshow we’re firm believers that everyone can benefit from attending our holiday camps. Whatever their interests, kids can gain important social and cognitive skills at camp and make special memories along the way.


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After getting many requests to cater specifically for younger children, we designed Newtonshow Junior to do just that. Now your little ones, from ages 2.5 to 6 years old, can enjoy a camp/playgroup that is tailored especially for their needs.


How COVID-19 is changing holiday kids camp?

It might be hard to remember a time before face masks and regular hand sanitising, but 12 months ago we’d barely heard about coronaviruses. Since then we’ve gone through a phase when we panicked when anyone sneezed, we’ve had a 8-week Circuit Breaker (during which we had to get used to having birthday parties on Zoom), we’ve experienced full-time home-based learning, eaten plenty of takeaway meals, and done lots of hand washing!


How to Choose a Holiday Camp for Your Child

When schools are on a break, holiday camps offer the perfect opportunity for kids to gain independence, try new things, make friends, build confidence and, most of all, have fun while learning.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page

Our locations

CENTER: 9 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 238959 Singapore,

221 and 278 River Valley Road


WEST: 887a Bukit Timah road

EAST: 121 and 229 Joo Chiat road


Novena: 273 and 175 Thomson Road

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