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Cooking Camp Singapore

According to the Asianparent website, most Singaporean parents can only afford to spend up to 3-4 hours each day with their kids. However, you can make it up to your children by enrolling them into our ever-popular Cooking Camp, which offers its participants numerous spectacular culinary activities!

We provide youngsters with a comprehensive meal-making experiences. At our Cooking Camp Singapore, your kids will learn how to prepare various healthy yet tasty dishes and snacks. Moreover, we ensure the development of children's hands-on skills. Rest assured that our camp will leave your kids with unforgettable memories  and a true love for the culinary 

Available Cooking Camps

Autumn cooking camp

For kids 6-14 years old

4 September - 10 November


Christmas cooking camp

For kids 6-14 years old

21 November - 6 January

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Kids Cooking Camp Overview

We offer our campers a fascinating variety of 5-day culinary programmes. As a part of the classes, your children will prepare several different meals each day. Our friendly cooking experts will actively mentor the kids throughout the cooking process y, leaving  them feeling like they're chefs in one of the best restaurants in the world.

We invite all kids from 6 to 14 years old to our Cooking Camp to master meal-making and gastronomy skills. The daily learning programme is divided into two slots, meaning that kids can participate in single slot or in whole-day camps. In both cases, we provide children with snacks. And those daring children who come for the whole day are additionally offered a delicious and nutritious lunch. 

Benefits of Our Cooking Camp Singapore

We don't just make children prepare food according to strict recipes. They are also encouraged to experiment by  adding their chosen ingredients to meals and trying personal techniques for preparing food. This way we foster creativity.
Moreover, your kids will actively cooperate with other boys and girls,, so they'll learn how to work in a team. And, of course, our skilled educators will give your children enough knowledge so that they feel confident
even in the most equipped and modern kitchens.
Finally, mentors at our Cooking Camp for Kids always explain to participants in detail why they should put particular ingredients into certain dishes, taking into account the palatability and nutritional value of the products used. This way, children start thinking of culinary skills as an art form. That cultivates a lifelong appreciation for food, healthy eating habits, as well as cooking-exploration interests.

Organizational in our cooking camp 


5 days:


9 AM - 12 Noon

and 1 PM -4 PM

1 lunch +
2 snacks

from 400 SGD per week*

*all materials, 2 snacks, lunch, t-shirt, limited edition cap included, bus - optional

Culinary Activities and Workshop

At our camp, youngsters participate in the following spectacular events:

  • Cooking traditional dishes from around the world

  • Preparing scrumptious desserts from different global cuisines

  • Making great snacks

Our instructors provide campers with unique meal-making techniques. Furthermore, educators at our Cooking Camp Kids regularly arrange exciting culinary challenges. We also teach campers to prepare dishes using healthy products that may be found in the local Singaporean markets. As a result, your children can delight you at home with the meals they've mastered!

Learning Culinary Skills and Technique

After completing our classes, your kids will have mastered the use of knives and other kitchen tools, food preparation, and meal planning skills. Additionally, they'll get acquainted with the key plating presentation techniques as well as the main cooking methods. During the whole training process, youngsters will be fully supported by professional chefs and culinary experts who are fun and kind. We firmly believe that  the classes at our Cooking Camp stand out for their truly practical application.

Nutritional Education and Healthy Cooking

Our programme includes nutritional education, as we are very keen to promote healthy culinary practices at our Cooking Camp. As a part of the training class, our mentors focus on the following things:

  • Features of healthy eatin

  • Importance of using nutritious ingredients when preparing food

  • Peculiarities of balanced diets

We bet you will have quite a lot to learn about cooking from your children after they go through our programme!

How to Apply for Our Kids Cooking Cam

Parents just need to fill out a specific sign-up form to enroll kids. You may apply for kids to attend camp in four different locations – East, Novena, West, and Central. Before going through the sign-up procedure, parents should decide if they prefer the half-day or whole-day option for their children.


Wrapping Up

Our camp provides children with spectacular hands-on meal-making experiences, allows them to explore foreign flavors and cultures, and gives them a high-quality gastronomy education. So, apply for our Cooking Camp Singapore now to develop your children's culinary skills and ignite their cooking passion!



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