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Superhero show

If you asked kids who they most wanted to see at their birthday party, if they could invite anyone in the world, most of them would probably name their favourite Superhero! NewtonShow can arrange this meeting by inviting them to the Superhero Theme Party! Find out which Superhero inspires your child, and we will immediately get down to business!


Superhero Themed Party

Organizing an encounter with one of your child’s favourite characters is easy, as our Superheroes can’t wait to meet the children and pass on their magical skills! At our legendary birthday parties, kids can do so much more than just blow out a few candles - they can learn the scientific superpowers needed to save humanity! We will do our best to make this meeting as eventful and fun as possible:

  • The birthday child and their friends will receive digital invitation cards stylized in the spirit of the selected Superhero. It can be Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Transformers, or Ironman.

  • The room will be decorated in the style of the preferred Superhero with a huge entrance banner to welcome and congratulate the birthday boy or girl.

  • Our most talented professional actor, inhabiting the costume and spirit of the chosen character, will instantly win over the kids. He will become their guide to the world of amazing experiments for this Superhero theme birthday party.

  • Together, they will perform 10 scientific experiments that will reveal how the Superhero defeats his enemies. This requires the most extraordinary scientific achievements! 

  • The party will end with a cake-cutting ceremony. Eating a delicious treat will give our young Superheroes the strength required for further feats of awesomeness!

The Superhero theme birthday party lasts for 1 hour and is the perfect adventure for even the smallest kids! The programme is intended for ages  3 to 12 years old, with every child getting the opportunity to be fully involved!

The Scientific Secrets Our Superheroes Will Share

The ethos behind our NewtonShow Superhero theme parties is to pass on essential knowledge of physics and chemistry in an engaging and playful manner. With that aim, we conduct spectacular mind-blowing experiments that will inspire kids to learn more about the superpowers of science. Along with fun and play, our young Superheroes will take part in a host of interactive experiments,

These magical experiments exploit the unique properties of substances such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and polymers. Possessing extraordinary qualities, these substances behave unusually when in contact with certain reagents. For example, dry ice begins to spread around the room in the form of steam, polymers can produce bubbles that do not burst, and nitrogen can turn a rose or any other flower into a real work of frozen art! ‘Super-snow’, produced during the course of experiments, can be taken home by kids as a souvenir and will help them to remember their out-of-this-world Superhero theme party!

Superhero Themed Party Add-ons

We make sure that the birthday child and guests have an unforgettable party but here are our top tips on how you can help maximize the superhero party experience.

Dress up your Kids in Superhero Costumes

To get the most immersive experience, in which everyone feels like a superhero, encourage the birthday child and guests to dress up as their favourite character. Even a hat or cape can make all the difference. And there’s no need to purchase a new costume - you can hire one for a few hours to produce the ultimate impact.

Paint the Kids’ Faces

Face painting with specialised non-toxic paints is always guaranteed to bring out the superhero in every child. But don’t panic, you don’t need to be a professional artist to show the identity of the superhero - just a black bat or a red spider on each cheek will make it very clear. And as face paints are durable, the kids can enjoy playing as their favourite characters long after the party stops!

Buy Small Gifts for the Kids

Imagine the delight of kids when they receive gifts from their Superhero idol! Even the simplest stickers, badges, pens, or Superhero notebooks, will be treasured as a real talisman!

Prepare a Treat for the Kids

Many parents like to bring party food for the guests and, with a bit of imagination, this can really add to the superhero atmosphere. How about a coloured tablecloth and napkins to represent the chosen superhero, with printed pictures to enhance the mood. And how about making funny inscriptions for the dishes? For example, you could put a sign next to the carrot juice saying ‘This juice enhances supervision!’ Next to a plate with the spaghetti, you could write a note saying ‘Greetings from Spiderman!’

Superhero Themed Package for the Birthday Party

At Newtonshow we really know how to organize an encounter with a Superhero that children will remember for a lifetime! And with the participation and ingenuity of the parents, this party will become even more colourful and inspiring! Childhood is the most wonderful time to experience miracles, so book a NewtonShow Superhero theme party for your child now!

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