Harry Potter show

Many children dream of visiting Hogwarts’ legendary school of magic, if only for a day. Well, this dream can finally become reality  as our wizards at NewtonShow get out their wands and make some magic happen! They will be delighted to organize an amazing Harry Potter themed birthday party for your young fan of wizardry. At the party, Harry and his friends will reveal many amazing scientific secrets that will make everyone see the magic of science!


13 experiments

What you get


actor: Harry Potter


giant "happy
birthday" banner


invitation cards


cake cutting



5-18 y.o.

60 min

649 SGD

Harry Potter Themed Birthday

Magic only seems unbelievable if you don’t know its secrets. Anyone who’s been to our Harry Potter-themed party will appreciate that science is the basis of all magic. Most wizards don't really like to share the hidden mystery of magic. But luckily Harry Potter is an exception! His mission is to share the wonderful mysteries of science and recruit children to defend the ideals of Light and Goodness! And the birthday boy/girl and their friends will be initiated into these secrets at the most magnificent birthday party imaginable! And who better to lead our spectacular experiments than Harry himself! The magic will even start before the party: 

  • On the eve of the Harry Potter themed birthday party, your child and their friends will receive mysterious digital invitations to come to the secret party. Harry will promise to reveal to them the incredible secrets of magic!

  • At the entrance, everyone will see a giant "Happy Birthday!" banner. How did Harry Potter figure out that one of the guests had a birthday today? That's why he’s a magician!

  • Our cheerful professional actor will play the role of Harry Potter so convincingly that your kids will be sure they’re at Hogwarts. 

  • Together with Harry and his assistants, the birthday child and guests will perform 13 incredibly exciting scientific experiments.

  • At the end of the party, Harry will once again delight all participants with an incredibly tasty birthday cake that he’s brought with him from Hogwarts for the special occasion! The lucky guests will get to enjoy a festive cake-cutting ceremony with unbridled fun!

Harry Potter is so universally adored by children that the 60-minute programme will be of interest to anyone from 5 to 18 years old. During that time, Harry will convey all his magical knowledge and skills in the most cheerful wizardly manner!

What Experiments Will Harry Potter Bring with Him?

To perform his magical ‘miracles’, Harry uses many unique substances and materials, some of which people use without knowing about their awesome characteristics:
Liquid nitrogen, which allows you to freeze absolutely anything.
Dry ice, which never turns into water.
Polymers that perform incredible miracles in the presence of certain chemicals.
To show the kids the jaw-dropping properties of these unique substances, Harry will conduct many amazing experiments, including:

  • Flame on the spoon

  • Storm in the flask

  • Magic bubbles

  • Frozen breath

  • Magic liquid

  • See the rainbow

  • Snow from Hogwarts

As a magical reminder of their visit to Hogwarts, Harry will give everyone a special gift to take home. Each kid will get some of the magical  Hogwarts snow that they helped to make during one of the experiments at the most memorable Harry Potter themed birthday!

Harry Potter Themed Birthday Programme from Newtonshow


Harry is incredibly passionate about his scientific and magical research and the children love him! By arranging this awesome meeting, with a little help from NewtonShow, your kids will develop a passion for science while having a ‘magical’ time full of fun and laughter. So don’t delay - order a Harry Potter themed birthday party from NewtonShow to delight your kids!