Professor Brain

Professor Superchicken

Speciality: Space

Favourite scientist: Leonardo da Vinci

Favourite hobby: Sleeping!

Pets: 2 crazy cats

Dream: To visit Mars

Favourite movie: Back to the Future

Childhood ambition: To be a spaceman

Described in 3 words: Always move forward

Favourite colour and number: Black, 7

Favourite food: Fried potatoes

Speciality: Sustainability

Favourite scientist: Isaac Newton

Favourite hobby: Cycling

Pets: Chickens (of course!)

Dream: To have a sustainable planet ruled by chickens

Favourite movie: Chicken Run

Childhood ambition: To be a safari park ranger

Described in 3 words: Annoying, funny, genius

Favourite colour and number: Green, 4

Favourite food: Thai green curry (no chicken!)

Professor Zeta

Speciality: Teacher by day, rock star by night

Favourite scientist: David Attenborough

Favourite hobby: Horse riding

Pets: A visiting lizard called Bob

Dream: Kayaking between icebergs in Antarctica

Favourite movie: Free Willy

Childhood ambition: To be a panda

Described in 3 words: Tall, human, hungry

Favourite colour and number: Purple, 23

Favourite food: Chocolate

Professor Shark

Speciality: TMusic and sound

Favourite scientist: Elon Musk

Favourite hobby: Diving and swimming

Pets: My dog Buddy

Dream: To own a farm

Favourite movie: The Lion King

Childhood ambition: To be a doctor

Described in 3 words: Short, funny, caring

Favourite colour and number: Black, 3

Favourite food: Steak

Professor Star

Speciality: Administration

Favourite scientist: Mendeleev

Favourite hobby: Photography and travelling

Pets: No, I’m allergic!

Dream: To visit every country in the world

Favourite movie: Mask

Childhood ambition: To be a newscaster

Described in 3 words: Friendly, funny, enthusiastic

Favourite colour and number: Black, 13

Favourite food: Salmon toast

Professor Thunder

Speciality: Making things from scraps!

Favourite scientist: Nikola Tesla

Favourite hobby: Dancing and shaking it off!

Pets: A black Persian cat named Shadow

Dream: To help underprivileged children

Favourite movie: The Witches

Childhood ambition: To be a backup dancer for Britney Spears

Described in 3 words: Eccentric, passionate, creative

Favourite colour and number: Teal, 8

Favourite food: Desserts

Professor Sparkle

Speciality: Spreading joy and happiness 

Favourite scientist: Marie Curie

Favourite hobby: Baking

Pets: 3 furry cats – Moe, Bloom and Smokey

Dream: To sing and dance on stage

Favourite movie: High School Musical 

Childhood ambition: To be a florist

Described in 3 words: Exciting, fun, joyful

Favourite colour and number: Yellow, 12

Favourite food: Sushi

Professor Flesh

Speciality: Dark matter

Favourite scientist: Nikola Tesla

Favourite hobby: Dance like a maniac when there's no one around

Dream: To be working alongside Elon Musk at SpaceX

Favourite movie: Power Rangers

Childhood ambition: TO BE A Policeman

Described in 3 words: FocusED, Driven, Funny

Favourite colour and number: Green, 44

Favourite food: Shepherd's pie

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