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We bring you birthday party experience like no other in Singapore! Birthday party for kids from 3 to 14 y.o. A lot of hands-on – kids love the format of the party!

Kids Birthday Party

What do we offer?

Space party

Your child dream about Spaceship? Knows all planets and what Astronauts eats? Give him unforgettable party experience with our SPACE PARTY!

Superhero party

Spiderman, Thorn or Captain America?

Check lots of characters here!

Harry Potter party


Many children dream of visiting Hogwarts’ legendary school of magic, if only for a day. Well, this dream can finally become reality  as our wizards at NewtonShow get out their wands and make some magic happen!

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What Birthday Parties for Kids Do We Offer?

Are you planning to organise a party for your child's birthday? If so, we are here for you! We offer loads of ideas for a birthday party for kids of different ages and interests. During our parties, little ones participate in plenty of hands-on activities and have a lot of fun. Our birthday packages in Singapore include parties dedicated to space, science, famous film and fairy tale characters, and many more options. 

Fascinating Science Party

We have numerous spectacular scenarios for our popular parties. Each science birthday party offered by us includes a host of engaging experiments and exciting competitions, as well as mind-blowing shows. Moreover, our kind and friendly hosts will welcome your kids and keep them happy and thoroughly entertained during our science birthday parties in Singapore. All our bashes last an hour except for the Einstein Show, which has a 90-minute duration, and our "All Inclusive" Science Party, which runs for 120 minutes. 

Space Party

This amazing party is suitable for children 4-12 years old. Within the Space Party, we offer kids ten fascinating experiments. Some of the most exciting ones include:

  • Cake From the Tube

  • Egg in the Vacuum

  • Fire in the Space

  • Feeling the Cold

Additionally, your children will participate in events such as Centrifugal and Gravity Experiments, which will allow them to feel like real astronauts. Finally, our space-themed birthday party lets kids explore unknown worlds by participating in the Big Bang, Mars Soil, Amazing Jupiter, and Neutron Star activities.

Dry Ice Show

Toddlers as young as 3 years old can participate in this engaging party. The Dry Ice Show includes 12 hands-on experiments, including:

  • Introduction to Dry Ice

  • Tornado in the Flask

  • Rainbow Illusions and Dragon Breath

  • Fire on the Land

At the end of the Dry Ice Show, we invite children to a memorable Cake-Cutting Ceremony.

Polymers Show

This party will be particularly interesting for little ones who pester parents with questions about why a rubber toy can be stretched and remain unharmed while a plastic plaything can break. The Polymers Show includes the following engaging activities:

  • Magic Polymer Powder

  • Air Sausage Competition

  • Spectrum of Colours

We are pleased to welcome kids aged 5-12 years old to the Polymers Show.

Nitrogen Party

At the Nitrogen Party, we offer your kids 11 mind-blowing events that will be conducted under the control of experienced and caring instructors. The most popular Nitrogen Party activities are:

  • Crystal Rose and Magic Jar

  • Nitro Ice-Cream

  • Air-Balloon Survival

Kids from 5 years old are welcome at our Nitrogen Party. We provide birthday children with a large congratulatory poster to make the celebration even more special.

"All Inclusive" Science Party

This party is for children who like to go ‘all out’. At the "All Inclusive" Science Party, your kids will have an exciting time as they participate in 20 breathtaking activities. We invite kids to take part in a bunch of interesting events related to Nitrogen, Chemistry, Dry Ice, and Physics. Consequently, during the celebration, your little ones will learn numerous useful life skills.

As an honoured birthday party organiser, our team provides children with two professional actors to make the celebration even more captivating. The party is a perfect option for children 6-12 years old and teenagers aged 13-14 years old.

Einstein Show

Einstein, the famous Theory of Relativity founder, lived and worked many years ago. Nevertheless, he still inhabits the minds of many fans of his work. Children love the great scientist for numerous memes and, of course, a well-known photo with his tongue stuck out. Our Einstein Show, in turn, allows your kids to learn more about the outstanding researcher while having fun. During the party, little ones will participate in the following activities: 

  • Making Ice in 5 Seconds

  • Colourful Snow and Frozen Breath

  • Magic Porridge and Nitro Explosion

The Einstein Show is perfect for participants aged 5-18 years old.

Science for the Smallest

This is truly the best children's party in Singapore for the little ones, as it's a flawless choice even for 2-year-old toddlers. Science for the Smallest involves exciting experiments and a thrilling show led by our highly skilled actor. At this party, your kids will enjoy captivating activities that include:

  • Amazing Snow and Hand Boiler

  • Alien in the Bottle

  • Scientific Shower

Each participant will receive a personalised invitation card. At the end of the party, kids will enjoy an awesome birthday cake.

Baby Shark Science

This is another great party for toddlers from 2 years old. The Baby Shark Theme Birthday suits energetic children, as it includes events that encourage your kid to move around a lot. That's especially true for the Baby Shark Dance activity, where little ones receive loads of positive emotions by learning simple yet really entertaining dancing moves.

Additionally, our Baby Shark Theme Birthday gives kids plenty of lasting memories because of its experiments that include bubbling and smoking potions as well as breathtaking explosions. We provide skilled educators who kindly assist children during these exciting challenges.

Themed Birthday

We offer numerous marvellous activities during every themed birthday party. This includes parties dedicated to famous fairy tales. At our themed birthday parties, your kids will meet their favourite fabulous characters. Furthermore, we allow children to feel like fairy-tale heroes, as they can try on the costumes of the characters they love. Here, most parties have a duration of 60 minutes, whilst the Fairy Party lasts 90 minutes.

Fantasy-themed Parties

This unique kids' birthday party plunges children into the wonderful universe of fairytales, where little ones will meet brave protagonists as well as insidious villains. Furthermore, during the parties, your children will face astonishing fairy-tale challenges.

Harry Potter Party

This party is for those who enjoy magical worlds, wizards, wonders and unusual beasts. Our Harry Potter—Themed Birthday is ideal for children of 5 years and above. At the party, kids will take part in the following magic activities:

  • Preparing the Mystique Potion

  • Competing with their friends by participating in the Hogwarts House Tournament

  • Predicting the future using the Infinity Bubble Bowl

At our Harry Potter-Themed Birthday party, little ones will fight evil spirits and wizards with the help of professional and supportive Hogwarts teachers who will ensure your children are kept totally safe.

Mermaid Party

Small kids from 2-7 years old will adore this party. The Mermaid Theme Birthday allows children to plunge into the wonderful undersea world, meet its friendly inhabitants, and explore the deepest depths full of ancient creatures. During this event, participants will be involved in the following activities:

  • Creating Pink From Nowhere

  • Making Mermaid's Favourite Perfume

  • Getting Crab's Colourful Snow

Kids can take home all the crafts they make at the Mermaid Theme Birthday. The celebration ends with the cutting and eating of an incredibly delicious cake.

Little Pony Party

We invite your kids to Ponyville, an amazing world of tenderness and happiness. At the My Little Pony Party, your children will not only experience positive emotions but also learn practical skills by participating in thrilling experiments. Lovely ponies are in charge of the experiments, and at the end of the party, everyone receives a nice present.

Also, we provide little ones with a tasty cake that will be cut as a part of a special ceremony at the My Little Party Singapore. The party is suitable for kids aged 3-7 years old.

Frozen Party

We recommend this party to adventurous girls aged 3-12 years old. That's because our Frozen Birthday Party offers them mind-blowing journeys through a swirling kingdom and its snowy mountains, which hold numerous surprises along the way. At our party, young princesses will learn how to prepare Elza's Magic Porridge and the Funny Sausage on the Mystery Fire, as well as conjuring up the Magic Cloud.

Our experienced actors will the atmosphere light and happy at our Frozen Birthday Party. Real princesses should always invite guests by sending them personal invitations and our team is delighted to make this happen.. And every young princess is delighted to see a big congratulations banner at their special party.

Fairy Party

Every child believed they could fly until grown-ups spoiled their dreams. Our Fairy-Themed Party is for small kids aged 3-10 years old who are yet ready to stop believing quite yet. This fantastic party allows little ones to dive into the magical world of benevolent and gentle fairies. These fairies will show your children many breathtaking things that are hidden from ordinary humans.

Parents can make the Fairy-Themed Party longer by adding our special workshops. This way, your kids will enjoy spectacular activities for 90 minutes or even more, depending on the number of extra events that moms and dads order!

Unicorn Party

Does your child dream of magic adventures in Rainbow Land? Their fantasy can come true with our Unicorn Birthday Theme Party for kids and toddlers aged 3-7 years old. At this party, little ones can experience the following trilling activities:

  • Creating Unicorn Ice

  • Doing Trials With the Incredible Jar

  • Making Unicorn's Favourite Perfume

Our Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party will give children unforgettable memories, helpful skills, and lots of positive emotions.

Trolls Party

This event allows your kids to experience what it's like to live near a rainbow with these adorable, upswept-haired creatures. As a part of our Trolls Birthday Party, we entertain little ones with 10 exciting experiments! Our team is glad to invite children from 4 to 13 years old. to this fantastic party.

On top of the standard programme, we offer your children additional activities. Among the most popular extra events are the Lava Lamp and Slime Workshop. Each additional activity lasts for 30 min. So, don't miss the opportunity to give your kids extra pleasure!

Hero-themed Parties

These great birthday parties for kids are devoted to courageous characters from globally known comics. Let your children feel like their ultimate heroes from their favourite stories by booking one of our fascinating parties.

Superhero Party

Are your kids delighted by Batman, Spiderman, Shazam, and other well-known comic heroes? If so, we invite them to our Superhero Birthday Party, which includes 10 exciting experiments. Our skilled educators will entertain all the children while keeping them safe and engaged at the party. Furthermore, we provide kids with comprehensive tool kits for them to participate in our mind-blowing activities. The Superhero Party suits kids aged 3-10 years old.

PJ Mask Party

Do you think your kid is strong enough to fight the Dark Universe? Then book our PJ Mask Birthday Party to give them a superpower. At this party, your children will participate in the following breathtaking activities:

  • Making PJ Mask Super Ice

  • Creating Catboy's Colourful Snow

  • Preparing Goko's Favourite Perfume

Children aged 3-9 years old can attend our PJ Mask Birthday Party.

PAW Patrol Party

So, you say your kids adore dogs? Then our PAW Patrol Party is exactly what they need! This great party is perfect for children aged 2-7 years old. It includes 10 fascinating, hands-on activities, during which your children will learn how to use different scientific tools. All the experiments are carried out in accordance with the safety regulations, so you won't need to worry about your kids.

Star Wars Party

This party is for kids who dream of exploring distant universes and conquering evil forces. Our Star Wars Birthday Party provides little ones with the opportunity to fight Stormtroopers led by Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker and Master Yoda, for their part, will help your children to win the great battle. Our Star Wars Birthday Party involves the following captivating activities:

  • Getting Pink From the Galaxy

  • Creating Chewbacca's Colourful Snow

  • Making Master Yoda Jar

This engaging party is for both small kids as well as teenagers aged 4-16 years old. We provide Jedi or Darth Vader as hosts for our fantastic party.

Minecraft Party

This almost-vintage game is still incredibly popular among kids today. That's why we recommend choosing our Minecraft Party to celebrate your child's birthday. This astonishing party is the perfect match for little ones aged 3-12 years old. Moreover, a real-life Creeper will entertain children as a part of our Minecraft Birthday Party. Parents can make the celebration even more fun by adding extra optional workshops.

Lego Party

This world-famous plastic construction set is probably the most loved kids' toy in the world. Consequently booking our Lego Party is a perfect idea for any child's birthday. We suggest numerous fantastic activities as a part of this memorable event, with some of the most popular including:

  • Party Explosions and Sound Tubes

  • Special Lego Steam

  • Snow From Lego World

We recommend our Lego Birthday Party for little ones aged 3 years old and above.

Final Thoughts

If you want to organise a memorable birthday celebration for your child, book one of our famous themed parties. We offer little ones loads of engaging and hands-on activities. Moreover, skilled actors will entertain your kids and give them a breath-taking experience they’ll never forget. As an added bonus, your children will receive great gifts and enjoy amazing cakes at the end of our Children Parties Singapore!

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