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Can there be a better gift than making a child’s dream come true? A Science Birthday Party arranged by NewtonShow can make kids and their friends feel like real scientists! In our experience it's only adults who consider science to be dry and uninspiring. For kids, it's real magic! Unthinkable miracles, under the mysterious name of ‘experiments’, take place before their very eyes and with their active participation.

A science-themed birthday party is guaranteed to inspire all participants. Even the smallest children will love dressing up as real scientists and taking part in a delightful interactive science show, while their parents get taken back to the enchantment of their own scientific discoveries f of childhood.


Our cheerful instructors can explain even the most complex laws of physics and chemistry in a spectacular and funny way. Together with them, participants will be able to conduct more than 150 experiments and tests. They’ll learn that science is so much more than just the information contained in any thick and boring textbook! At our party, learning is a fun experience that can be shared with best friends!

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Our children’s science party is designed to have the birthday boy or girl and their guests intrigued long before it even starts. Every detail of the show is intended to delight the excited participants and evoke a host of positive emotions:

  • The child and his or her friends will receive personalized digital invitations promising them many scientific ‘miracles’ that they’ll help to produce themselves.

  • The NewtonShow hall will be decorated with a giant "Happy Birthday!" banner.

  • The cheerful team will be headed by a professional actor who will immediately win children's hearts and take them into the world of scientific secrets.

  • Together, they will conduct from 10 to 24 amazing diverse experiments that will help to reveal the genuine secrets of physics and chemistry.

  • At the finale, they will have the ever-popular ceremony of cutting the birthday cake.

A well-appreciated bonus of the party will be the opportunity to take home some of the results of the kid's work. Children will be able to take home souvenirs such as slimes, crazy worms, coloured snow. And some substances obtained as a result of experiments can even be eaten and drunk!


What's Included in a NewtonShow Birthday Package

Our Science Birthday Programmes

NewtonShow has prepared eight excellent programmes for a Science Birthday Party Singapore. Thematic experiments proposed for each programme allow kids to dive deeper into the particular physical or chemical laws. Thanks to this, the knowledge gained through the games and other fun experiences will ensure they associate science with highly positive memories.

Dry Ice Show


Simple yet spectacular experiments with dry ice will amaze every child. Parents can also rest assured that all activities are absolutely safe. As the children will learn, one of the magical properties of snow is the possibility of immediate transition from the solid state to the gaseous one. But what about the liquid state? Come to the science kids party, and you will find out the answers to this and many more questions related to this mysterious substance! Our ever so ‘cool’ programme includes the following

Duration: 1 hour

Polymers Show


Almost all kids are crazy about sticky slimes. So imagine their delight if they’re told they will create and do all sorts of experiments with them! And without even knowing it, through play and fun hands-on activities, they will learn intriguing facts about polymers. Many useful household items can be made from polymers, such as bottles, textiles, dishes, and glue. But most importantly for our show, they can be used for making slimes and crazy worms! Young scientists will be able to make them on their own and find out a lot of interesting things about the properties of polymers. The Polymers Show programme includes the following activities that will really ‘stick’ with them
Duration: 1 hour

Nitrogen Show


Another contender for the most fascinating element is nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is the coldest liquid that can be found on Earth and kids always find that very cool!. And luckily they won’t have to explore the planet for it as there will be plenty of it at our Science Party Singapore! They will see the miracle of turning almost anything into the ice with the help of liquid nitrogen - water, flowers, balloons, and even fruit will be used in our flash-freezing experiments. Children will learn how to make snow and play with its coloured forms. The programme includes the following experiments
Duration: 1 hour

“All Inclusive” Show


If you like all three of these ideas and want to delight your beloved child with all these themed sessions at once, choose the "All Inclusive" Show. It lasts twice as long as our standard shows, which means there will be an incredible 24 interactive experiments! During this time, children will get acquainted with all three miracles: liquid nitrogen which can freeze everything, dry ice which goes straight from a solid to gaseous state, and slime - the polymer that excites all children. The best science experiments from our collection will capture the imagination of children so much that two hours will simply fly by! During this show, kids will see the best miracles from our golden scientific collection
Duration: 2 hours

Einstein Show


Visit the workshop of Albert Einstein is surely the dream of any scientist. NewtonShow invites you to a party where discoveries based on Einstein’s experiments will come to life in front of your children as if the genius himself had invited them to this event. Eighteen breathtaking miracles will show young participants how much human genius can do. And, for some of them, Einstein may become a secret teacher, who will lead them to as yet unexplored scientific mysteries! Our ‘genius’ party programme includes
Duration: 1.5 hours

Show for the Smallest


At what age should a child be introduced to science? This is a question for many parents who dream of cultivating a real scientist. NewtonShow knows how to win the hearts of even the smallest participants from two years old. We know that children absorb new knowledge easily, so the sooner you start introducing them to the laws of physics and chemistry in a playful way, the easier it will be for them to understand all these scientific subjects at school. For this programme we have selected the most spectacular and fun experiments so that the kids understand from childhood that science is exciting, fun, and great for making friends!:

Duration: 1 hour

Newtonshow Science Party in Singapore

Treat your children to an exciting Science Birthday Party with their friends, and they will look forward to new discoveries and the opportunity to participate in scientific experiments! To arrange an unforgettable science party for your kid, send us a message via the NewtonShow website or contact us by phone to book a date. We know how to make your child's birthday unique and full of scientific wonders!

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