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Feb 17, 2023

Advantages of Easter science camp in 2023


Easter is one of the most exciting festivals of the year for children, and not just because of all the chocolate involved! After the darkness of winter, the vibrant colors of spring abound in this fun-filled festival, which is synonymous with the thrill of treasure hunts. At last year’s camp, over 300 children learnt how Easter is celebrated in different ways across the world: for example, in Scandinavia children dress as witches and demand chocolate eggs from adults, in Poland people throw water at each other, in Corfu they throw big ceramic pots from balconies, and in one town in France a group of chefs make a huge omelet from nearly 5,000 eggs! Science was always at the forefront of fun, egg-based experiments and activities, and campers even got to investigate a crime scene using forensic techniques. We had lots of rave reviews, including one from Giyung, whose 7-year-old daughter was at the camp: “My daughter really loved the camp… The teachers are amazing! I want to send her again in the summer holidays.”


This year we have a completely new program for our Easter camp, including water science, a bubble workshop, bizarre dinosaurs, animals that glow in the dark, buoyancy, and of course plenty of egg-citing egg-speriments (and that’s no yolk). Participants will learn why the skills people need have changed over time, why animals migrate, how the Black Sea, Red Sea, White Sea and Yellow Sea got their names. They will have a workshop on the human body and help to unravel an inertia mystery. There will be egg challenges, bubble challenges, slime making, space and dinosaur quizzes, 3D puzzles and models, and our end-of-week awards.


As with all our camps, children will receive a certificate and t-shirt at the end of the camp, with the color of the t-shirt depending on their progression from beginner to ‘Ultimate Scientist’. The camp will run from 9am-4pm Monday to Friday, and lunch and 2 snacks will be provided. We take covid precautions very seriously and have safe distancing and sanitation protocols to keep kids as safe as possible. Door-to-door bus transportation, using our preferred school bus provider, is available on request.

We wish you an egg-ceptionally fun-packed and enriching Easter!


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