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Multi activity camp

For kids 3 - 13 years old

5 September - 28 October 2022

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Our camp program for 2023 is coming soon

How it was in 2022:

Autumn MULTI CAMP 2022

(5 September - 28 October 2022)

Science + Art + Robotics + Making + Cooking

2 locations: 278 River Valley and 1 Goldhill Plaza

Multi-activity Autumn camp programmes

At our multi activity autumn camp, most of the time is devoted to practical activities. Teachers don’t ignore theory, but the practice is at the heart of everything we do, as it helps to stimulate children's creative abilities, develop their specialized skills, broaden their horizons, and expand their vocabulary. During the lessons, children will learn what is necessary to develop their skills in order to become a first-rate specialists in that chosen field in the future. They will understand that it is important not to stand still, but to constantly improve oneself. At our camp, many children learn whether they want to continue pursuing their chosen speciality or wish to try another subject. Hard work is combined with fun activities. These are the types of activities the kids will enjoy while studying: Science A lot of fun, inspiration, anticipation and excitement. Kids will get closer to chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering, and learn the basics of astrophysics. They will acquire the ability to think critically, work in teams, and understand the beauty of innovation. Children will never think that science is boring after experiencing this fascinating module filled with diverse activities. Robotics Young students will understand that this industry is an important part of modern society. Everything in the world is gradually being automated, and robots are slowly but surely taking over different areas of our life. In this course, young talents will be able to create their own robots, programme them to perform various tasks and improve them by getting an understanding of how they work. Robotics will teach children to think logically and solve problems quickly and precisely. Art Our art module will allow children to learn more about famous authors of world masterpieces and create their own ones, using paper, watercolor, paint, clay, and pencils. It is the best solution for developing the kid’s creative potential. Maker During this course, children can create something totally unique with the support of our friendly nod experienced teachers. Children will be offered interesting projects and can design anything they want as they focus their energy in the right direction, and show their creativity and ingenuity. Cooking Our experienced chefs will guide your kids on their journey to becoming an excellent cooks. They will prioritise safety and mentor kids as they cook according to recipes, using high-quality and selected ingredients. In addition to learning how to cook properly, kids will also be taught the basics of healthy eating, which will enhance their physical well-being throughout their lives.

Why Choose our Multi-Activity Autumn Camp?


Each activity camp for children has its own characteristics and advantages. Some focus primarily on science, art or sports. But our multi activity camp combines five different disciplines and offers children broad opportunities for increasing their knowledge and skills. Our camps focus on all-round development, and stimulation of memory, logic, creativity, and imagination. Each day at camp promises something new as well as lots of pleasure, joy and fun. So if your kid doesn’t yet know what to focus on, try our multi-activity autumn camp programme to unlock his or her passions!



Price and duration

5 days
9 AM-4 PM

685 SGD
*all inclusive

*all materials, t-shirt, photos, certificate and Newtonshow magazine  included, bus - optional

How is it organised?


Kids move to a different room every day, each specially designed for the day's activity. These include a kitchen fully equipped with cooking stations, a science laboratory tailor-made for experiments, a robotics room packed full of technology, and an art room where they can really let loose and get messy!


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A talented and well-developed child is a blessing for their parents. But here is the challenge - how do you arrange a holiday for such kids, in which they can continue to learn, develop their skills and have fun? It's easy! All you need is to send them to our multi activity autumn holiday camp! This is the best choice for children who want to acquire new knowledge in different areas. Our multi-activity camp offers:

Science - Children will be introduced to lots of new and interesting things. There will be numerous hands-on activities and kids will be able to conduct many fascinating experiments. Kids will work in a scientific laboratory and learn what it is to be real chemists, biologists, and physicists.

Robotics - Children will become more familiar with robots and learn the secrets of designing and controlling them. They will also have a chance to build their own robot and compete with each other to see whose robot is better.

Art -  If you've noticed that your child shows an aptitude for a particular art form, it's time to enroll him or her in our art course! Children will learn about many famous artists and get to create their own masterpieces.

Maker - If your child likes all kinds of hand-made crafts, they will have an opportunity to create something really meaningful at our multi-activity autumn camp. Experienced teachers will help kids and make sure that the creation is successful!

Cooking - Even little kids can try themselves as real chefs if they have a skilful supervisor, the best ingredients, and the appropriate (and safe) equipment. They will find all this and more at our camp!

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Our Locations

NOVENA: 1 Goldhill Plaza 02/21-23


CENTRAL: 278 River Valley Road

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