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Christmas camp 2023

For kids 3 - 12 years old

20 November '23 to 12 January '24

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(20 November - 12 January  2023)
Science + Robotics + Cooking + Making + Detective

4 locations: 278 River Valley, 1 Goldhill Plaza, 121 Joo Chiat Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre


Are you the happy parent of a talented child with excellent intellectual skills? Do you want your child to be surrounded by similar children? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Our multi activity camp, where kids can improve their knowledge and skills, is specially designed for this purpose. It represents the perfect option for smart and curious kids who are not focused on one area, but want to embrace several activities at once! It is also a wonderful choice for parents who are torn between several specialized camps and don't know which option to choose! We offer kids the following activities

Science - Incredibly interesting and exciting experiments are waiting for your kids! Your child will dive into the wonderful world of scientific experiments that he or she will undertake themselves! Kids will get an insight into the fascinating world of science with the help of friendly and experienced professors. All this will take place in a real science lab.

Robotics -  It's no secret that robots are slowly but surely taking over the world. So why resist and deprive your child of the pleasure of exploring these devices? Let them join our robotics camp so that they have a head start and already know how to plan, build, test, and control their own robots. How could this not be fun?

Detective - Kids will learn different techniques and scientific methods that used in real forensic science! Analyse evidence and find answer to main question! All kids love this day, because mystery is always something fun and very engaging for kids!

Hands-on -  If you don't know how to reveal the creative potential of your child, then this part of our multi activity Christmas camp could be just the ticket! Teachers will use a lot of different techniques and materials to create all the necessary conditions for hands-on engaging activities.

Cooking - Is your child interested in learning how to make brownies, cheesecakes or risotto? If so, let them develop their culinary skills at our camp! We provide the finest products, modern equipment and superb recipes to make sure your child can create a fantastic culinary masterpiece. Get ready to taste the delicious dishes made by your child's hands!



Price and duration

5 days
9 AM-4 PM
685 SGD
*all inclusive

*including 3 meals, water bottle, t-shirt, certificate, limited edition cap, every day photos and all camp materials

How is it organised?

Kids move to a different room every day, each specially designed for the

day's activity. These include a kitchen fully equipped with cooking stations, a

science laboratory tailor-made for experiments, a robotics room packed full

of technology, and an art room where they can really let loose and get messy!

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Multi-activity Christmas camp programmes


There is something in a multi activity Christmas holiday camp that will appeal to every talented child. There are lots of hands-on activities in which theory is enriched with practice. These activities help to stimulate a child’s creativity, develop their skills, and broaden the spectrum of possibilities through independence and autonomy. The knowledge children gain in the camp helps them become smarter, more confident, educated, and inspired to conquer new heights. ​ ​At our multi-activity Christmas holiday camp we offer the following modules: Science Our teachers know that kids love scientific experiments. The science module is designed to introduce kids to a huge range of different areas, including chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. Our classes are interactive and organized in a fun way, helping kids to develop critical thinking, persistence, improved communication skills, and a love for innovation. Education is aimed at making children think that science is not boring, but really interesting. Robotics Robotics is a unique field of technology that should be introduced to the kids as early as possible. At our multi-activity camp, children will learn how to build their own robots and get acquainted with the specifics of programming robots to perform various tasks. This module is aimed at the development of logic, scientific thinking and problem-solving skills. Art Art is a great way to develop creativity. Children will learn to create real works of art with pencils, watercolours, paper, clay, and paints. The art course gets kids acquainted with famous artists and their well-known masterpieces. Kids will learn how popular paintings were created and will increase their dexterity and self-esteem. Maker This is where kids will learn how to model, create, and focus their energy. Your child will become a real jack-of-all-trades and will learn how to create amazing things. Planning and creating their own unique items could be their first step in becoming an inventor. Cooking Under the guidance of an experienced and skilled chef, even younger kids can learn how to use cooking utensils and prepare delicious, unforgettable dishes. We provide them with high-quality ingredients and innovative equipment, and safety is always our top priority.

Advantages of the Multi-Activity Christmas Camp


Camp activities are based on providing adventure, drive, fun and great benefits for the all-round development of the younger generation. We turn children’s hobbies into lifelong passions which might help them decide on their future professions. The classes are practice-oriented, which helps the child to reveal his or her potential and aptitude for the chosen subject

Photos from camp

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Our Locations

NOVENA: 1 Goldhill Plaza 02/21-23

CENTRAL: 278 River Valley Road


EAST: 121 Joo Chiat Road

WEST: 887a Bukit Timah Road

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