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Dry ice show

Get your hands on some phenomenal Dry Ice experiments! It's a perfect opportunity for you to experience these smoking, bubbling, eye-catching potions and explosions. Have fun and learn how dry ice can magically remain dry while being superbly cold at -78˚C! Experience first-hand how you and your friends can make a storm in a flask, and observe dramatic colour changes in our Magic of Colour!

Advantages of Dry Ice Show

To celebrate your child's birthday at home, you need to spend a lot of time doing grocery shopping and preparing festive meals, decorating rooms, searching for supplies to organise an entertainment programme, and looking after kids while they have fun. However, not many parents have enough time and creativity for all that That's why we offer mums and dads the opportunity to celebrate their children's birthdays at our amazing camp.

Among the spectacular programmes by Newtonshow, the Dry Ice Show Party is highly praised by kids and parents. The party stands out for its breathtaking hands-on experiments that make any festivity unforgettable. Our creatively decorated halls provide a marvellous atmosphere during celebrations. Lastly, we provide kids with experienced and friendly educators who will assist the little ones during experiments and do their best to keep children engaged and happy during the whole programme. 

What Is the Dry Ice Show Party?

We are pleased to welcome children from 3 years old to our fascinating camp. By enrolling your kids in this spectacular camp, you will give them the opportunity to gain mind-blowing memories during the following scientific experiments that include dry ice and boiling potions:

  • Making Fire on the Hand

  • Creating a Tornado in the Flask

  • Summoning Dragon Breath

  • Cooking Magic Porridge

  • Inducing Colourful Snow

Overall, your children will participate in 12 fascinating activities over a mind-blowing  60- minute party. All the campers will receive personalised electronic  invitation cards to the Dry Ice Show. Also, a professional actor will amuse the party chld and their guests  as a part of the celebration. That's why we can guarantee that your children will be extremely excited about the party.

In addition, we decorate our festive rooms with giant ‘happy birthday’ banners in honour of the birthday child. Lastly, your children will participate in the wonderful Cake Cutting Ceremony after finishing all the thrilling activities. We bet you'll want to try our fantastic cake, too!

Information About the Dry Ice Show for Parents

We have organised birthdays and many other kids' festivities for over a decade. That's why our staff are fully versed with what little ones need and can satisfy children who have any passion. Newtonshow provides our campers with advanced tool kits and the best materials for experiments. 

Skilled Newtonshow instructors carefully supervise kids when they participate in our scientific activities. The experiments are carried out in strict accordance with the safety regulations. Therefore, parents can rest assured that their children will be safe at the camp.

Our educators keep a truly friendly environment during the Dry Ice Programme. This helps little ones to feel more at ease and, as a result, contributes to the better development of their  socialisation skills. Finally, at our camp, kids can interact with one another in unusual circumstances. This assists in getting to know each other and fosters strong friendships.

Why Should You Decide on the Dry Ice Show Party?

This programme is an invaluable opportunity to provide kids with loads of positive emotions and lasting memories on their birthdays. Our Dry Ice Party suits little ones with all interests, as we propose a lot of different hands-on activities within it. 

Newtonshow provides its campers with all the necessary equipment to participate in its spectacular experiments. On top of that, we present a fancy cake to birthday kids and their guests. Therefore parents don't need to buy or cook anything and their children can have a great birthday celebration.

As our Dry Ice Show Party is incredibly popular among parents and their kids, we recommend you book the festivity as soon as possible. Of course, Newtonshow strives to serve all the people who want to celebrate their kids' birthdays, however, we still have certain limitations for the maximum number of participants. So, don't waste time! Contact us right this second while free slots are available!

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