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Fairy science

Key Pros of Fairy Party by Newtonshow
Does your child have a birthday coming up? Do you want to organise a truly exciting celebration of their birthday? If so, enrol your kid in our spectacular Fairy Party! As part of the party, we offer birthday children and their young guests hands-on magical activities, costumed actors, and fantastic festive halls decorated in folktale style. Thus, your kids will surely feel the fabulous atmosphere of the fairy world. 

Our experienced instructors strictly look after little ones during the scientific experiments at the Fairy Theme Party by Newtonshow. So, your kids will gain numerous helpful skills in a completely safe environment. Finally, our proficient employees keep a close eye on campers' well-being. Thus, you can be sure that your kids will be happy and feel good at our party.

What the Fairy Party Exactly Is
Your children will participate in 10 mind-blowing experiments as part of the party. The list of scientific events, for example, includes the following:

  • Experimenting with snow and ice

  • Preparing magic meals (porridge, sausages, etc.)

  • Evoking natural phenomena like a rainbow and many more

Each kid receives a personalised digital invitation. We decorate celebration rooms with giant happy birthday banners to strengthen the celebration's sense. At the end of our Fairy-Themed Party, little ones take part in the ceremony of cutting an incredibly delicious cake.


What Should Parents Know?
Our experienced educators strive to find a personal approach to every child at the birthday party. If necessary, they kindly help little ones during our hands-on experiments. This way, kids with any skill level may participate in the Fairy Birthday Party by Newtonshow. Consequently, you can be sure your children will enjoy our festive programme.
The Newtonshow instructors carefully ensure that kids follow safety procedures while participating in our wonderful experiments. They always strictly check the equipment before starting scientific activities. So, you can have complete peace of mind about your children at our camp.

Why Should You Have a Fairy Birthday Party?
At our marvellous camp, your children will gain plenty of helpful skills, like the following ones:

  • Patience and logical thinking

  • Working in a team and socialising

  • Deep analysis of the things they see

In addition, your kids will have a great time and gain lasting memories at our Fairy Theme Party. Moreover, they'll undoubtedly find new friends, as little ones actively help each other during the experiments. All the mentioned features make our Fairy Party a flawless option for celebrating your kid's birthday. So, don't waste time! Book the Fairy-Themed Party today!

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