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Under the sea party

Does your daughter adore Walt Disney's ‘The Little Mermaid’ cartoon? Is her toy library filled with things dedicated to its main character, Ariel? If so, you definitely need to try our marine-themed party! This incredibly fun and colourful kids’ party is in the style of a sea adventure, where the little princess will become the main character of her favorite cartoon – the charming Little Mermaid. It will be an experience she’ll remember for the rest of her life!


Under the sea Themed Party Package

Our marine themed party is a perfect choice because it’s fun, colourful, and has exciting programme. The main ‘inhabitants’ of the depths will be the Little Mermaid and her accompanying characters. Our trained actors guide the action and create the perfect party mood. Kids get a chance to plunge into the fantastic world and take part in some thrilling underwater adventures. At our Under The Sea theme party, children will have: 

  • an opportunity to participate in 12 mind-blowing experiments

  • professional  actors who know how to light up a crowd of kids

  • a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ banner

  • personalized digital invitation cards

  • a cake-cutting ceremony


At the party, kids will be able to make new discoveries and conduct thought-provoking experiments, which will give them a positive experience and useful knowledge. The science shows at our mermaid-themed birthday parties aren’t just another boring lecture - they’re fascinating interactive events in which experiential learning and fun are paramount. 

Children will conduct a magical chemistry experiment with liquids that can change colour. The young scientists will have an opportunity to make their own ‘lickers’, which they can take home. Under the guidance of an experienced chemist, kids will conduct stimulating chemical experiments, such as making a colourful rainbow and a real volcano eruption! All of the experiments will be exciting but perfectly safe - kids are guaranteed to have an absolute ‘blast’!

This party is intended for children from 2 to 7 years old, and has a duration of 60 minutes. Groovy soundtracks, favorite compositions and musical accompaniment will create the perfect party atmosphere.

Why Should You Book a Newtonshow Birthday Party?

Newtonshow parties are a high-quality and unforgettable form of entertainment. We are sure that every child will have a fun, interesting and exciting birthday party. When you book a marine-themed programme, you'll be giving your child the opportunity to meet their favourite characters and have the time of their lives! Contact us straight away and we’ll help your children to plunge into the watery world of wonders and fairy tales!

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