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LEGO show


Lego is not just a popular construction set, with spin-off games and cartoons, it's a whole world filled with imagination, original ideas and endless opportunities for creativity. A Lego birthday party is a cool gift for kids who love everything colourful and unusual. Such a surprise will definitely stay in the birthday child’s memory, as well as that of their guests, as one of the brightest events of their childhood.


12 experiments

What you get




giant "happy
birthday" banner


invitation cards


cake cutting

lego list of experiments


3-12 y.o.

60 min

649 SGD

LEGO Themed Party Package

Everything at a Lego party is thought out to the last detail. Guests will feel as if they are inhabiting a human-sized version of a Lego world, with fun and adventure guaranteed. Every Lego party includes:

  • 12 exciting experiments

  • personalized digital invitation cards

  • a large ‘Happy Birthday’ banner

  • participation of a professional actor

  • a cake-cutting ceremony

Colourful decorations will make the party feel out of this world, including balloons, large three-dimensional construction parts, thematic posters, and the birthday banner.

At a Lego world birthday party, children will get hands-on with lots of mind-blowing experiments, such as making bubbles, rainbows, fire, Lego perfume, snow, and much more. Under the guidance of qualified specialists, guests will discover a world of amazing scientific experiments. Kids will be interested to participate in such an event because they can learn a lot of new things and even get a new hobby there. To make the Lego party really memorable, guests will be entertained by our legendary party hosts, dressed in the colourful costumes of the most famous cartoon characters. Our dedicated photo zones deserve special mention: the pictures taken on a background of colourful construction parts will look spectacular and very realistic. 

Lego birthday parties are perfect for kids aged from 3 to 12 years old and last for 60 minutes. Nobody will get bored at a Lego themed birthday party, because the party hosts know how to keep every child engaged and at the centre of the action. And one of the coolest things about the party is that guests don’t even have to tidy up the toys at the end – our staff will do everything for them!

How to Arrange a Lego Party

To get the most out of a Lego party it’s really worth preparing for the celebration in advance. For example, you might want to think about how the table will be set. We recommend that the colours match the main Lego colors, i.e. yellow, blue and red, but if that’s not possible you can use white, green and black. Minimalistic monochrome plates or coloured plastic dishes are also perfect contributions to the table. Adding bright elements such as napkins is another great idea.

The birthday cake will be a key element of the Lego themed birthday. It can be in the shape of a Lego block or a Lego character’s head. Snacks can be served in Lego-shaped containers. Candies and ice lollies would be welcome treats, especially if they’re made in specially-shaped moulds. Any food, such as sandwiches or pizza, can also be designed in Lego style.

You can also decorate the room in a Lego themed way. The best idea for the party decor is to stick to bright colours and simple forms. Coloured inflatable balloons and paper flags make excellent decorations.

Other good ideas for the party are:

  • posters with Lego heroes

  • guest cards written in the same font as the Lego logo

  • themed T-shirts

Large Lego bricks can be used as decorations. They can be made in any size, colour and quantity, making it possible to incorporate many ideas for decorating. Bricks can be adapted to serve dessert, for example. In simple terms, the more Lego-themed decorations the better!

Fantastic Birthday Party from Newtonshow

Is it difficult to arrange a Lego show for a child's birthday party? No, not if you entrust the organization to professionals! Book a birthday party for your child today, to make this Newtonshow event a lifelong memory!

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