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Frozen party

Are you the lucky parent of a little girl who dreams of being Elsa or Anna? If that’s the case, our frozen theme party could be the perfect choice for you! A snowy mountain atmosphere, swirling kingdom, dangerous journeys and brave characters - your little princess will enjoy all this at a fun and unforgettable party in the style of Frozen. The frozen kids party is suitable for those who are ready to warm up the atmosphere of the ice kingdom with their energy and enthusiasm for this magical world


Fantastic Party for Kids in Frozen Style

If you ask your child who she would most like to see on her birthday, it will probably be her favorite fairy-tale hero!  At Newtonshow we give them the opportunity to invite them! Our Frozen party includes heaps of fun and delight, adventures, and the anticipation of meeting their favourite character.
We provide our own entertainment programme that will inspire and delight kids through activities such as:

  • 10 unusual experiments

  • interaction with professional actors who will plunge kids into the atmosphere of their  favourite story

  • a giant "Happy Birthday" banner

  • personalized digital invitation cards

  • cake-cutting ceremony

At our fantastic Frozen-themed birthday party, children can do much more than just eat cake and socialize with each other. They can participate in scientific experiments that will help to save humanity! Our team will do their best to make this party as eventful and fun as possible.
The birthday child and her friends will receive digital invitation cards, stylized in the Frozen theme.
The room will be decorated in the appropriate style with a giant "Happy Birthday" banner to greet and congratulate the birthday child.
Our charismatic professional actors, dressed in stylized costumes and playing the role of the chosen character, will captivate children from the first moment. They will guide them into the world of unreal experiments at this themed birthday party.
This version of the birthday party is ideal for children aged 4 to 12 years old and lasts approximately one hour.

Frozen Party Adds-on

You can also decorate the children's birthday party in Frozen style so that when the guests arrive they will feel as if they are in the land of Arendelle. Just imagine beautiful white snow drifting around the blue castle, balloons with glitter, white Christmas trees, and snowflakes!
You can complement the themed party with decor in appropriate colours, gifts in  Frozen style, costumes for children, and themed dishes. Cakes and different sweets will also be a great idea.
White, blue, purple and silver colours should ideally be dominant during the Frozen party. Transparent, blue or any other Frozen-themed tableware, snow confetti on tablecloths, and decorations in the form of snowflakes and stars are suitable for table decorations. Add a floaty dress, sparkly accessories, and a tiara or crown, and your girl will look like a real princess from the fairy tale!

Fascinating Frozen Party Programme from Newtonshow

You can order the frozen theme package to be hosted at a kindergarten, restaurant or your home. Call us, ask for details and order a children's party today. We promise to surprise you!

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