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Little pony party

If your child dreams of magical adventures in Ponyville, this fantasy can become reality at a fabulous My Little Pony Birthday Party. Cheerful and friendly little ponies will gladly attend to congratulate the birthday child. Each of them will also bring a wonderful gift! Their gift will be a magical secret that will be revealed through amazing scientific experiments. Does your child crave flying across a rainbow with colorful ponies? It can become a stunning reality with NewtonShow’s Pony-Themed Party! 


Pony-Themed Party Package

The possibility of encountering ponies and unicorns is enough to make every child excited! My Little Pony Party Singapore will be incredible in every detail. It will be full of surprises, fun, and discoveries! Multicoloured ponies, brimming with kindness and brightness, will captivate all the guests. And to make certain the party is a guaranteed success, NewtonShow offers a great package deal that will be delivered by a talented and devoted team.

Personalized Digital Invitation Cards

Imagine the delight on the faces of the birthday child and their friends when they receive an invitation to a party showing a portrait of their favorite little ponies! These colourful invitations will promise to not only tell the birthday guests the top secrets of Ponyville but also to demonstrate them!

Giant Happy Birthday Banner

The next surprise for the birthday child will be encountered at the entrance. As well as receiving a warm greeting and congratulations, they will find a room decorated with a magnificent banner that will immediately create a festive atmosphere and promise an unforgettable My Little Pony-Themed Party!

Professional Actors

Wonderful little ponies will come to life in front of the kids thanks to the talents and skills of our professional actors. Kids will adore the company of our magical ponies and they’ll be will be delighted to have the opportunity to communicate with the cutest characters from their favorite cartoon!

13 Experiments

The unforgettable miracles will begin as soon as the little pony opens the magnificent party chest! The pony will show the children what to do with the different magical substances that can be found not only in Ponyville but also here on Earth! 
Children will be excited and inspired by participating in these spectacular experiments. They can take home slimes and crazy worms as a memento of the wonderfully generous and kind little ponies!

Cake Cutting Ceremony

At the end of the party, the kids will be treated to a delicious birthday cake. The birthday child will be happy to share such delicious delights with their friends (and maybe even the magical little ponies!). This bright and tasty finale to the party is always the best promise to meet magical friends again very soon!

Easy Booking

It’s so easy to make your child’s dream of encountering magical little ponies come true! Press the "Order" button and book the place and time of the party. And if you still have questions, select the "Get a free consultation" option, and we will be happy to answer them!

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