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Minecraft party

Do you love Minecraft? Yes? You're most definitely not alone! In fact, the game - launched in 2009 - has 74 MILLION active players on 14 platforms. And you love science in the same time? We created a special science show with criper for you! With the help of experiments we'll give superpowers to anyone who wants to help Criper in his difficult mission! Are you ready?


Minecraft-Themed Party

Minecraft is an amazing fantasy world that has won the love of thousands of boys and girls. Imagine a themed birthday party based on Minecraft’s amazing universe!

Minecraft Party from Newtonshow

You can have an unforgettable birthday celebration absolutely anywhere: at home, outdoors, in the countryside, in an entertainment centre or an escape room, etc. The main thing is to make sure there’s enough free space to allow full-fledged entertainment and contests. In addition, keep in mind that the best parties involve lot of decorations, so take this into account when choosing a venue.

Parents often choose themed parties based on popular games and movies to celebrate their child’s birthday. Newtonshow offers many birthday party ideas based on games or movies. One such game is Minecraft! However, not every parent knows much about this amazing world, filled with characters such as the Creeper and Ender Dragon, so let us tell you why it’s perfect for  an unforgettable themed birthday party.

The Minecraft birthday party by Newtonshow will make your child’s dreams come true. If your child is interested in computer games, he or she is almost certain to love  Minecraft, so a birthday party in the style of this game will be just the ticket:

This are just some of the things that await your lucky child:

  • Participating in experiments. These include  mind-blowing experiences such as Minecraft Super Ice, Magic Cloud, Favorite Creeper Spirits, Rainbow Everywhere, and Mysterious Fire.

  • Unique party decorations. The giant "Happy Birthday" banners will help to immerse everyone deeper into the atmosphere of the birthday party. You will be able to take great pictures as a great memento. 

  • Personalized invitations. Each guest will receive a personalized digital invitation decorated in the style of the party.

  • Cake-cutting ceremony. The cake is often the first thought that comes to mind when a birthday party is mentioned. Kids can share the unforgettable moment of blowing out the candles and making a wish with your favorite heroes and friends. 

  • Interesting crafts. Children will take home the crafts they made at the party and enjoy applying the new skills learnt during the awesome experiments.

  • Assistant actor. Our professional actor will find an approach that works for every kid and will be always happy to assist them if they need any help.

  • Professional equipment. We use only high-quality and proven equipment for conducting our fascinating experiments.

  • Lots of hands-on practice. Children will produce wonderful creations with their own hands.

Our Minecraft-themed party lasts for one hour and is perfect for children from 3 to 12 years old, with every child getting the opportunity to take an active part.

Our optional master classes will make your scientific Minecraft party Singapore even more interesting! You can choose any number of additional 30-minute master classes to maximize thef fun! 

Childhood is a carefree time of dreams and adventure. A childhood filled with games, magical fantasies and jokes will always be recalled as a happy one. Make your child happy by booking the Minecraft themed party package from Newtonshow!

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