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Transformer show

If your child loves getting immersed in the fantasy world of Transformers, it's time to reveal an amazing secret to them! Optimus Prime is looking forward to meeting them on their birthday to assist him with some crucial missions! And don’t worry, they can bring their friends to help too! An unforgettable Transformers themed birthday party, with the participation of some incredibly strong heroes, will bring strength, knowledge, and self-confidence to the delighted kids!

What you get



12 experiments


giant "happy
birthday" banner


invitation cards


professional actor:


cake cutting


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4-12 y.o.

60 min

649 SGD

Transformers Birthday Party Package

Does your child hear the call of the Universe? If so, give them an adventure with their favourite heroes – the Transformers! These shape-changing heroes have accomplished so many amazing feats that delight young followers! The secrets to their power are going to come in very handy for your inquisitive little hero. Invite the birthday child and their friends to an unforgettable party hosted by the inspirational NewtonShow team. Every detail of the Optimus Prime party has been thought out to provide the maximum fun and some unbelievable memories!

Personalized Digital Invitation Cards

On the eve of the birthday party, the entire young company of adventurers will get a big surprise when they receive a message from the distant planet Cybertron. Our interstellar wandering Transformers will notice this communication while flying over the Earth, and will decide to come here for a day because they have a special mission: to see the birthday child and their friends and pass on some exceptional secrets! 

Giant Happy Birthday Banner

At the entrance to the party hall, the birthday boy or girl and their friends will see a huge “Happy Birthday” banner with the image of their favourite characters. Party guests will be able to take memorable photos of this wonderful day against the background of the mighty Transformers!

Professional Actors

The secret to the party’s success is not just the incredibly spectacular experiments that the kids will take part in - it’s also the likeness and might of the Transformers. Talented actors dressed in realistic costumes will make a lasting impression on all the children.

12 Experiments

To be invincible, Transformers need to perfectly master the properties of all substances. By mixing them, they can perform real miracles! They know how to make themselves invulnerable to fire and cold, fly through rainbows, and freeze their breath. They will share their knowledge about these incredible properties with the birthday child and their friends. To do this the Transformers will conduct many experiments with the children, including:

  • Super steam 

  • Amazing jar 

  • Explosion

  • Magic ice 

  • Super bubbles 

  • Hero toothpaste

Cake Cutting Ceremony

The ‘sweetest’ and final part of the party will be the Cake Cutting Ceremony. When blowing out the candles, the birthday kid can make wishes that will surely come true! All the guests will enjoy the delicious birthday cake and share their excitement about the mind-blowing experiments. 

Newtonshow Transformers Birthday Party

The Transformers party programme lasts for one hour. It’s absolutely perfect for kids from 4 to 12 years old. 
By ordering a Transformers birthday party at Newtonshow, you can open the doors to outer space for your kids. We’re certain they’ll take great delight from discovering the secrets of the Universe. It might well make them look up at the starry skies and dream even more! Call us, and our beloved interstellar heroes will immediately equip their spaceship to visit your birthday child!

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