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Unicorn party

If your child dreams of magical adventures in Rainbow Land, this fantasy can become reality at a fabulous Unicorn Birthday Party. Cheerful and friendly little unicorn will gladly attend to congratulate the birthday child. Each of them will also bring a wonderful gift! Their gift will be a magical secret that will be revealed through amazing scientific experiments. Does your child crave flying across a rainbow with colorful unicorns? It can become a stunning reality with NewtonShow’s unicorn-Themed Party! 

Unicorn-themed birthday party

A unicorn-themed birthday party is the perfectt idea for kids who believe in unicorns! If your child wants to dive into the fairytale world where these magical creatures exist, just create it! Unicorns are the most popular  creature of a whole generation of children, despite the fact that this cute white and pink horse, with one horn in the middle of its forehead, a lush mane and tail, is just a fictional creation. The fact that unicorns don’t exist in our world doesn’t stop them being so sweet and funny.

Our unicorn birthday party is a wonderful gift for any child, especially if every detail of the celebration is as colourful as this fantastic character. How can you arrange a magical unicorn-style party that will be remembered by children for its fairy-tale atmosphere and unique experiences? You don’t need to, as we’ll do it for you!

What Is a Unicorn Party?

Newtonshow is ready to realize your child’s dreams by arranging an unforgettable Unicorn Party for them! A rich programme, a great photo zone, and of course, a unicorn will be waiting for them at the party. 

Here are just a few highlights of our exciting programme:

  • Amazing experiments. Both the birthday child and guests will be impressed by fascinating experiments, such as Unicorn Ice, Magic Cloud, Favorite Unicorn Spirits, Rainbow Everywhere, Mysterious Fire, Colorful Snow, and Magic Porridge.

  • Unique party decorations. Gorgeous decorations and a “Happy Birthday” banner,  will help to create the party atmosphere.

  • Invitations for guests. This is an important part of the event because everything begins with the invitation. All guests of Newtonshow’s magical unicorn-style party will receive personalized digital invitations.

  • Professional animator. Professional artists and animators will organize games and activities and, of course, wish the birthday child a very ‘happy birthday’.

  • Cake-cutting ceremony. The evening should definitely end on a happy note with a delicious and beautiful cake for the birthday child. Your child will blow out the candles, make wishes and cut the cake together with his or her favorite characters and friends. We’re sure that such a birthday will be remembered for a long time!

The Unicorn-themed party lasts one hour and is perfect for children aged 3 to 12 years. Every child will be able to take an active part in it.

To make the party even more unforgettable, Newtonshow offers exciting Unicorn Party add-on workshops. "Lava Lamp Unicorn" and "Rainbow Slime" workshops will have every child engrossed from the start. And they will get to take home all the crafts they created as a memento of the wonderful party. Each workshop lasts 30 minutes.

Programme Benefits

Our dream is to give your child joy and make the parents happy. The benefits of our programme include:

  • Assistant actor. A competent professional, with  great experience of arranging party events, will bring costumes of some favorite children's cartoon characters and a great sense of humour to give both the children and adults a boost of positive energy and help to create a really festive atmosphere.

  • Professional equipment. We only use professional high quality equipment in the activities and experiments. 

  • Fully hands-on activities. Children will definitely put into practice the knowledge they gained at the party.

Childhood is a time for dreams and carefree adventure. A childhood filled with games, magical fantasies, and jokes will be remembered as a happy one. So, make your child happy and order a Unicorn-Themed Party Package from Newtonshow!.

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