Multi activity camp

for multitalanted kids

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For kids 3 - 10 years old
22 November 2021 to 7 January 2022
9 AM - 4 PM, weekdays

at 175 Thompson Road (NOVENA)

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Christmas CAMP 2021

(22 November 2021 to 7 January 2022)
Science + Art + Robotics + Making + Cooking

Got a milti-talented child? We have a great milti-activity camp for your little one!

Perfect camp to try all different activities, perfect hen you not sure what camp to choose. Simply sign up your little one to multi-activity camp, try it all and choose the most loved by your child activity to learn deeper.

Whats included:

Science - classic science with tons of hands-on experiments, Kids will do experiments and will be introduced to the World of Science by our friendly professors in the science lab

Robotics - Robots is our future and kids must be introduced to these "creatures" as early as possible. On our robotics day kids will do own robots, test and try different robot-models and learn a lot of interesting and useful information about robots in our life.

Art - paper and clay, paint, watercolor and pencils. Lots of different materials and all hands-on. Kids will learn about famous artists and do creations in their style.

Making - a lot of different projects and materials will be used to open your child creative side! Be ready to be amazed by results that kids will bring home!

Cooking - even little kids can be a Chiefs, we just need to show them how, give all A-class products and equipment and guide them through the process. Parents will have a chance to taste little Chief's creations.




Do you have a multi-talented child who hasn’t yet found their one (or more) passions in life? Are you unsure what camp would be best for your kid? If so, look no further, as we have a multi-activity camp that will keep your little one engaged and having fun across a wide range of activities!

Information for parents

Most school-age kids don’t know whether they want to become the next Picasso, Gordon Ramsey, Stephen Hawking, or Elon Musk. So why not let them try a bit of everything and then decide what inspires and fulfills them? Our multi-activity camp gives kids the perfect opportunity to try out new disciplines and will set them on the path to them becoming a well-rounded adult with wide-ranging interests. This stimulating camp is suitable for boys and girls from ages 3 to 10 years old and runs from Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm. For just $630 for the 5-day camp, kids will be immersed in the diverse fields of science, robotics, art, making and cooking.

Multi-activity camp programmes

Through hands-on activities our multi-activity camps are designed to stimulate kids’ creativity, foster their practical skills, empower them through increased independence, and help develop lifelong skills that will be invaluable as they become adults. Our kids’ activity camps give them the opportunity to try new things and decide whether they want to pursue any of them more fully. And all these benefits while having fun too! Here is just a taster of what kids will experience during our multi-activity camp:


With a focus on hands-on activities and experimentation, our science module exposes kids to a wide variety of different fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering, and could sow the seed for a career in astrophysics or conservation. Through fun and enriching activities, kids can learn independent and critical thinking, teamwork, innovation, and persistence. Kids should never grow up thinking that science is boring, so it’s reassuring to know that this is one of our most popular camp activities for kids.


Robotics is going to be an increasingly important part of our children’s lives as they grow into adulthood, so why not introduce them to this amazing form of technology as early as possible? At our multi-activity camp, kids will get to build their own robots, programme them to perform tasks, test and refine them, and learn about how they work. Robotics can help teach kids logic and scientific thinking as well problem solving skills and they offer an exciting gateway to programming.


Art is as old as human society and pre-dates language as a way of telling stories and expressing ideas and emotions. During our art module, kids will learn about famous artists while they create their own art with media such as paper and clay, paint, watercolor and pencils. These activities will help boost their creativity, perhaps the most transferable skill of them all, as well as improve their dexterity and boost their self esteem.


Our Maker module is all about hands-on creative activities. Whether kids are constructing things or tinkering with them, our maker activities empower them to use their ingenuity and energy to create solutions. Past projects have included a solar-powered car, a phenakistoscope, and cardboard engineering. Get ready to be amazed by the projects they bring home!


Even little kids can be chefs if they have the top ingredients and world-class equipment as well as a friendly and experienced ‘head chef’ to guide them. Our cooking classes have safety as a top priority as they teach kids lifelong skills, healthy eating, and perhaps even a taste for adventure when they explore foods from around the globe. The bonus for parents is that they will get to taste their little chefs’ creations!

Why choose our camp?

Not all activity camps for kids are the same. Some focus primarily on physical activities such as sports, drama or dance. We think what sets our multi-activity camp apart is its breath of exposure to completely different disciplines that will stimulate and enrich kids in different ways. All of our activities are underpinned by a focus on hands-on fun, experiential learning, and a ‘have a go’ mentality. So if your little one doesn’t yet know what to focus their energies on, consider trying our multi-activity where we will try to unlock their passions! 

Our Locations

NOVENA: 175 Thompson Road