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Dec 26, 2022

Types of camps for kids

If you’re thinking of booking a camp for your child, you might be wondering what sort of camps are available to choose from. In the last 10 years the variety of types of camps for kids on offer in Singapore has increased dramatically; now your biggest issue might be working out which camp would be the best fit for your child. Whichever camp you choose, we recommend you check out our top tips for preparing your child for camp. But to help you choose from the different camps on offer, here are some of the main camps you might consider:

Seasonal camps

What better way to celebrate a festival or season in Singapore than to join a camp that focuses on it? On the festival front you can find Easter camps, Christmas camps, and Chinese New Year camps, to name just a few. And if seasons are your child’s thing then you can look for Summer camps as well as Autumn camps. Through these types of camps, kids can take part in activities associated with these events plus learn about the origins of traditions and the different ways the festivals and seasons are celebrated around the world.


Science & Tech camps


If you want your child to learn without even knowing they’re doing it, science & technology camps can be a great option in Singapore. With fun at the heart of everything they do, reputable camps should offer plenty of hands-on activities, such as bubble challenges, slime making, quizzes, 3D puzzles and models, and perhaps weekly awards. Science camps may also offer lectures or other enrichment activities on specific topics such as dinosaurs, space, or even the science behind wizardry.

Lego & Robotics camps


Lego & Robotics camps are just one of the types of summer camps for kids that can introduce kids to the growing field of robotics. At good camps, kids will get to use the latest tools and equipment on the market, such as 3D pens, Chibitronics, Makey Makey, 3D puzzles, Squishy Circuit and Qubits – perfect for little inventors. Hands-on activities and games are normally key to learning in these camps, some of which use Lego to create robots and vehicles that kids can control.

Coding camps


With our reliance on computers and AI becoming greater all the time, these types of camps for kids can be a great way to expose them to skills that could be extremely useful in their adult lives in Singapore or wherever they may find themselves. As well as introducing coding, these camps can offer fun learning activities involving robotics, circuit modelling, 3D modelling, engineering and programming. As with robotics camps, learning is primarily through making, doing and having fun.


Sports camps


If you child has lots of energy and likes participating in physical activities, sports camps can be a great option. In Singapore you can often choose from football, rugby, basketball, netball, athletics, swimming, taekwondo, as well as fun activities such as frisbee and dodgeball. If your child is unsure which sport or physical activity they prefer, you could choose a multi-activity camp that offers the opportunity to try a number of different ones.

Cooking camps


If your child loves being in the kitchen and experimenting with food (even if they’ve just made their own sandwiches before), a cooking camp might be right for them. Under the guidance of a chef, these types of kids camps should offer kids hands-on opportunities to make sweet and savory dishes including pizza, cupcakes, local specialties, and healthy dishes with ‘hidden’ vegetables.


Math camps


For children with a love of Maths, as well as those who struggle with it and need a helping hand, these camps can help improve their confidence and abilities. Camps in Singapore may focus on skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and more complex Mathematics.


Language camps


Whether you’d like your child to practise a mother tongue or learn a completely new language, these types of kids camps often teach other subjects using this language as the main medium. English, French, Chinese and Spanish are some of the most commonly offered languages in Singapore.

Art camps

If you have a budding artist in your family, an art camp might be a great fit for them. Whether it be through painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery, drawing, or arts and crafts, established camps use art as a medium for enhancing a child’s overall development. Of all the types of summer camps for kids in Singapore, these may be the most suitable for kids with a love for expressing their creativity through art.


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