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Summer 24

27 May - 30 August 2024

For kids 3- 13 y.o.

LOCATIONS: 121 and 229 Joo Chiat Road

887a Bukit Timah Road

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

9 Mohamed Sultan Road

221 River Valley Road

175 and 273 Thomson Road

1 Goldhill Plaza

230 and 278 River Valley

232 River Valley Road

East Coast Park/West Coast Park


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(27 May - 30 August 2024)

Newtonshow is the most established science camp in Singapore. This season we are delighted to offer three science programmes - "The most hands-on science camp", "Space Adventure" and "Harry Potter science school"

'Space Adventure' camp – We know that SPACE and SCIENCE are two subjects that really engage kids. And now there's no need to choose! You can have two subjects in one - mysterious SPACE and unpredictable SCIENCE. 

'The most hands-on Science' camp - Chemistry, with its exciting fizzes and bangs, is a subject that really fascinates kids. It gets them thinking 'What will happen if...?' Well, let's start experimenting and see! This is the very hands-on camp and good even for little explorers! All experiments kids will do with their own hands!

Harry Potter - New program! Whether they want to be in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin, kids will love our Harry Potter camp. Whether they’re taking part in a magic wand workshop, playing Quidditch, or making potions, kids will get a truly hands-on experience. They’ll learn about alchemy, divination, astronomy, and even how animals communicate. We can promise they’ll have an absolutely ‘magical’ time!

We know how to make your kids' holidays awesome, educational and full of science fun! We have 11 years of experience, across 5 countries, with more than 30,000 happy campers in Singapore alone!


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Availability(updated 17 July 2024)


Newtonshow offer

The most interesting, motivating
science lectures


Personal growth

transportation (optional)

2 snacks and

healthy lunch provided

Hands-on activities

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Languages spoken


We are the only camp in Singapore
that sends you a daily video!
You can see what
YOUR child did and discuss it with them!

Video from the camp sent to parents

Price and duration

5 days
9 AM-4 PM

685 SGD
*all inclusive

*all materials, t-shirt, photos, certificate and limited edition cap included, bus - optional. Please note that all discounts applicable ONLY for full day camp, whole week booking 


Nicki Lee

Great experience at Science camp! My son had so much fun taking part in the camp. 

Kids enjoyed and learned a lot on science. The staff are friendly and engaging.

My todd loves their camp a lot!

Richard Poh

I was worried at first because it was his first time taking class abroad for my son but he told me on the first day "Mom, why did you come so fast? I wanted to stay longer".

He said it was fun to make the Big Bang experiment, the fire show, robot-controlling and cooking.

Mark Brooke

My little girl really had some of BEST DAYS of her life at Harry Potter Science camp.

She made her own snow globe, wizarding goo and Christmas charm; learned about astronomy, explored the science of cold and even took part in a potion class.

This camp really put the magic into Christmas. She really enjoyed each day!

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5 Reasons Why Kids Camp is Awesome

5 Reasons Why Kids Camp is Awesome
Although every child is unique, at Newtonshow we’re firm believers that everyone can benefit from attending our holiday camps. Whatever their interests, kids can gain important social and cognitive skills at camp and make special memories along the way.

Why your little one will love Junior Playgroups

After getting many requests to cater specifically for younger children, we designed Newtonshow Junior to do just that. Now your little ones, from ages 2.5 to 6 years old, can enjoy a camp/playgroup that is tailored especially for their needs.

How COVID-19 is changing holiday kids camp?

It might be hard to remember a time before face masks and regular hand sanitising, but 12 months ago we’d barely heard about coronaviruses. Since then we’ve gone through a phase when we panicked when anyone sneezed, we’ve had a 8-week Circuit Breaker (during which we had to get used to having birthday parties on Zoom), we’ve experienced full-time home-based learning, eaten plenty of takeaway meals, and done lots of hand washing!

How to Choose a Holiday Camp for Your Child

When schools are on a break, holiday camps offer the perfect opportunity for kids to gain independence, try new things, make friends, build confidence and, most of all, have fun while learning.

The opportunities offered by drama camps

The school holidays are coming up and you’ve decided you want to choose a holiday camp for your child. There are many types of camps available, from science to cooking to sports camps, but you might want to seriously consider enrolling them in a drama class in Singapore.

Is my child ready for camp?

We all know that every child is unique – each has his or her own interests, aspirations and needs; different things make them laugh or cry; each develops at a different rate. So deciding if a child is ready for camp is a very individual thing.

  • When should I register for Christmas Camp?
    It is best to register in advance to book a place on the chosen dates, location and program. You will receive email confirmation and invoice, so you can make payment. All available dates are posted on our site and updated regularly. If you have any questions, please, contact us: tel. +65 82 64 66 55, email:
  • What are camp hours and when does my child need to arrive?
    Newtonshow camps run from 9 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday. Lunchtime at 1 PM. You can drop off from 8:30 to 9 AM. We also can provide a door-to-door bus service. The bus can collect from your home address anywhere in Singapore.
  • What do I need to bring to the camp?
    No uniform is needed in our camps. Make sure your child wears comfortable clothes and has a water bottle. All activity and lesson materials will be provided.
  • What are the best holiday camp programmes for kids in Singapore?
    Newtonshow holiday camp offers two types of programmes: Science camp programs — a lot of experiments and new knowledge. Every season we present new programs that introduce children to the world of science in an extremely fun and interesting way. Multiactivity programs — for those who want to try many different activities. The Multiactivity camp program includes Science, Robotics, Art, Maker courses and Cooking.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page

Newtonshow summer camp in Singapore is your win-win solution Summer, like any other season, brings joy and happiness to all kids. However, what will you do if they spend all their time chatting, playing computer games, or hanging out on social networks? Newtonshow camp is all you need to provide overall development and tons of fun for your kids. It is the best venue for children’s recreation that helps kids and teens stay occupied without lounging in front of TV sets or game consoles. At Newtonshow we organize lots of group activities, through which kids can make friends and learn about teamwork. Through our summer and June holiday camps kids can gain improved self-esteem, and develop persistence and resilience, logic and scientific thinking, as well as improvisation and problem solving. And, of course, throughout the camp experience kids will gain an insight into how science is key to mankind’s development and our continued life on Earth. What Are Newtonshow's Benefits for Children? While having fun and quality time at this camp, your kids will broaden their horizons and enrich their lives with memorable impressions and evergreen knowledge. We will prove that knowledge is cool, and learning is fun and interesting. Why should you choose Newtonshow? The children's camp is the best place to discover and explore the world around us. When the learning process turns into a game, children want to study more and more, and their curiosity knows no bounds. Newtonshow is not only an opportunity for constant learning, interactive games, and experiments; it is a place: to find new friends with similar interests; for acquiring skills that make kids independent and confident; that offers constant self-development and improvement; with a motivational atmosphere; that provides a pleasant experience; that creates warm memories and a desire to come back again. Every child will discover themself at the Newtonshow camp. All lessons and classes are specially designed to match the learners’ age and individual features. We’re confident that we can make this summer unforgettable. ​ Do you want your children to fully exploit their creative and intellectual potential? Then, welcome to Newtonshow Camp — the place where children will get a truly hands-on experience. All-action adventure for kids from 3 to 13 years old is already waiting for its young fans. ​ Newtonshow Camp Programme for Summer 2022 ​ This summer we’re excited to offer four summer and June holiday camps which we’re sure kids will love. Each camp is aimed at learning new skills and developing mental and creative abilities through educational games and interactive projects. ​ “Space Odyssey” camp ​ If your child dreams about going into space and exploring every planet in our Universe, we’ll arrange such a trip for them. The Space Odyssey program combines the universally popular themes of space and scientific research, which children adore. The study of modern space technologies always arouses interest in children, making learning easy and fun. The little explorers will look forward to a new day at camp to make even more space and scientific discoveries. In the classes, children will learn what’s out there in our Universe, who its neighbors are, and who invented the first telescope; they’ll study the science of the Moon and look into the future of space exploration. Young cosmonauts will be able to put their knowledge into practice by creating their own Mars Rover project and a model of the solar system. The time spent in the summer camp will be remembered for many years, and the acquired skills will help children become successful in their future studies and profession. Ready to fly? Then go on an adventure! ​ “Science Discovery” camp ​ Bubble workshops, fun scientific experiments, acquaintance with Leonardo da Vinci and Archimedes — this and more awaits your children in the “Science Discovery” programme. Full immersion in the world of science is guaranteed! The weekly programme will make your children into real scientists and give them the opportunity to feel like chemists, physicists, and creators of our Earth! Coloured flasks, microscopes, and themed props will make the study bright and full of new impressions. Children will no longer wonder “where does honey come from?”, “why is water wet?”, and “why don't cats like dogs?”. They will unravel all these and many more mysteries in the unforgettable children's camp "Scientific Discoveries". Ready to learn science? Then we’re waiting for you at "Science Discovery"! ​ Harry Potter ​ Dreams of going to Hogwarts come true at Newtonshow Summer Camp. If your child wants to become a student of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff — we’ll put a wand in his or her hands and show them real magic. The Harry Potter programme is about studying astronomy, and astrology, developing creative abilities, and being the character of your favorite movie. Kids will be able to perform miracles in the Potions class, tame a magical creature, visit the amulet workshop, and get answers to all magical questions! And, of course, we couldn’t forget our favorite Quidditch! What kid doesn't want to fly on the legendary Nimbus 2000 broomstick? Just whistle and it will fly to you in a second! In the process of learning, children will fight dark forces — boredom, laziness, insecurity! They will become strong, smart, and invincible wizards. Get your suitcases ready! The treasured letter is already in your mailbox. The train from platform 9¾ is leaving for Hogwarts! ​ Multi-Activity ​ Science, cooking, robotics, art, and technology — the whole world is open to children. Every day at summer camp brings new adventures, skills, discoveries, and endless fun. Your child will find friends with the same interests, be able to do their favourite activity, and explore the world through the format of a fun game. Multi-Activity camp will allow children to develop comprehensively, studying every area of our existence. The chemical battle of colourful glaze, Robo battle, coffee painting, and creating your own game, will turn your child into a real scientist and show their creative abilities. Come join us! Let's bake cupcakes with cheese and sausages, and study with a frog robot! All kids will love this fun! Summer Camp Singapore Activities to Entertain Your Kids ​ There are many summer and June holiday camps for kids in Singapore that will keep your kids busy with a wide variety of activities, finding friends and learning life skills. ​ Each camp tries to offer a unique programme. Among the most common topics in children's camps in Singapore you will find: ​ 1. Space ​ Space has always been the driver of technologies and innovations. Kids will stay closer to their dreams of becoming astronauts when learning about modern space techs, and their working principles, within master classes. Practical activities boost theory and help kids get real-life experiences. ​ The workshop works best for children from 7 to 12 years old who are focused on aircraft engineering and space exploration. ​ Young astronauts will learn how people defy gravity and how rockets are built. Exciting stories about space discoveries and their impact on our lives await them. Children will fully understand the context in which people and equipment work on space stations. What are space vehicles like? What functions do they perform in orbit around the Earth and beyond? Young explorers receive the most detailed replies to all their questions. ​ Moreover, kids might construct their own solar-powered aircraft, create a UFO, or make a seismograph. They might even compete to see whose rocket flies highest. New skills allow participants to develop and increase engineering design skills, competitive spirit, and teamwork. Science can be really exciting! All children will have a wonderful time learning about the latest developments in exploring outer space. 2. Inventor and Science Workshops ​ Science can be fun. And summer camps for kids prove this statement when offering a variety of programmes on disciplines like physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, meteorology, oceanology, and others. ​ Each programme is developed for a specific age group. Still, all of them are a godsend for those interested in the universe, laws of nature, and the causal link between everything transpiring on Earth. Life, physical sciences, maths, and other branches of academic development help kids learn more about our planet’s mysteries. Apart from theory and practical tasks, kids present personal innovative projects and show how they could change the world for the better. ​ Since children have innate curiosity and adore exploring and experimenting throughout their childhood, they will have a great time learning and practicing in well-equipped labs and open-air locations. As a result, they will leave for home with a long-lasting love of science, developed scientific thinking, and clear ideas of key scientific concepts. ​ Do you want to motivate and direct children’s natural curiosity to the right channels? If so, science workshops are your number-one choice. 3. Engineering, Robotics, and other STEM fields ​ A great variety of facilities are at your disposal if your child wants to master a professional game development environment and create a personal project. ​ Classes and courses are suitable for kids from 3 years upwards, giving them a promising start on the way to the most popular worldwide professions. The universe of IT, engineering, and robotics, consists of theory and practice. The lessons give kids an idea of different mechanism prototypes and explore how they are buildt. Children also learn to programme autonomous robots. The theoretical part implies physical phenomena like frictional forces, gravity, inertia, features of sound wave propagation, and others. In this way, kids’ dreams of creating robots that would reach the remotest galaxies or the center of the Earth may come true. Various engineering classes and workshops in different summer camps for kids include robot design, programming, and related disciplines. Robotics programmes foster children’s passion forengineering and help them establish various scientific concepts. ​ In addition, they teach kids to create collective projects, work in teams, and overcome challenges. As a result, your children get the opportunity to develop creative thinking, social, collaborative, and task-solving skills. ​ Junior engineering is the best field for choosing efficient robotics programmes and learning to create, plan, and test, thereby putting the most ambitious ideas into practice. 4. Cookery and Baking ​ All kids adore tasty treats. Now, in Singapore summer camps, children are taught to cook them. Baking and cooking classes include theory and many practices. Kids thus learn the terminology necessary to understand recipes and create authentic cooking methods, from basics to advanced knife techniques. Courses are available for all ages due to their variable content based on kids’ abilities and personal characteristics. The classes are perfect for those dreaming about becoming a professionial chef, opening personal restaurants, or simply helping their parents in the kitchen. ​ In their cooking and baking workshops, children will explore world cuisines, generate unique ideas, master time-saving cooking techniques, and learn to make menus. They will learn much about healthy food, nutrition, vitamins, and the properties of different foodstuffs. If you choose a kids’ camp in Singapore that offers baking and cooking courses, your kid will develop many useful abilities. When a young chef successfully completes a recipe and cooks a dish, they experience a sense of pride, a boost in confidence and self-esteem, and a contented happiness. Children feel independent and helpful when making meals without outside help. ​ Language, reading development, fine motor skills, increased maths ability, focus, and attention are hardly a complete list of benefits for children. A main benefit is that kids will get an iunderstanding of healthy eating, and value family bonding when cooking with parents. 5. Team Building ​ Almost every summer camp in Singapore offers various team-building activities to teach kids appropriate friendship, collaborate with each other, and support partners while creating projects, competing, or playing games. As a result, they build trust and mutual understanding in different situations. ​ Team building is an important part of self-development in our world of overwhelming tech and constant change. Financial and social responsibilities often distract parents from paying attention to their kids’ social skills. Summer camps for kids help them solve the problem, providing special programmes for children of all ages. Professional coaches and teachers help kids improve their social skills through fun and exciting games. ​ Group games reveal kids’ capabilities, providing a perfect training ground for building self-confidence and mutual support while working closely to achieve the desired goals and results. Various team-building activities in a kids’ camp in Singapore provide unforgettable learning and practical experiences. Your children will learn to respect each other, share their ideas, and build relationships. ​ 6. Life Phases Navigation Skills ​ When kids turn into teens, they experience many feelings, impressions, and thoughts. Understandably many questions will arise in their heads. Unfortunately, children don’t always get the right answers when they need them. In a Singapore kids camp, they will get support and honest explanations of everything going on with them. ​ Various activities for teens aged from 11 to 15 provide children with support mechanisms in a comfortable and trouble-free environment. All participants will get the opportunity to share their opinions through moderated discussions, discovering new opinions and learning to consider the issue in an alternative fashion. They will learn to handle anxiety and irritability, master different life skills, and be confident enough to reach their goals. ​ Accomplished teachers work with teens with empathy and an understanding of their problems. They select the right activities to ensure rapid results and nurture the happy child within the confused teenager. 7. Positive Mindset and Motivation ​ A modern summer camp has many tools and techniques to help kids mintain their positive mindset during life’s transitions. Talented coaches get kids ready for changes and remove the negative impacts of the dramatic turns and twists in their lives. ​ Teens aged from 13 to 18 are often afraid of the future, since it requires taking crucial decisions related to the choice of professions, study, and other aspects of independent life. Special courses help young adults overcome fear, making life challenges less painful. Teens master various life skills and learn to plan without nerve-wracking doubts and insecurities. ​ A positive mindset becomes their best mental friend through giving them the ability to benefit from strategic, creative, and critical thinking. And the collective celebrations of milestone achievements allow them to build on the success of their learning. ​ 8. Sports ​ Sport is an integral part of children’s lives. Singapore summer camps for kids offer various indoor and outdoor sports activities based on modern equipment, playgrounds, and stadiums. ​ All active, brave, energetic kids aged from 3 to 17 with a passion for sports have a chance to realize their full athletic potential. Various camps focus on their own sports programmes and hold different sporting events, ranging from archery to treasure hunts. You can choose between all-round programmes and specific kinds of sports such as soccer, swimming, volleyball, baseball, and basketball. For example, football-centric camps use the most famous clubs’ standards to teach any kid pass or shoot like a pro. ​ Professional coaches have a sound grasp of what’s required to teach kids to love sport and respect their teammates, develop their communication skills, and enhance their physical abilities. Children learn to achieve goals, win, acquire discipline, and accept defeat. You will find programmes to cater for every interest and level of fitness, so that all kids get to feel like sports stars. Children can join a summer camp focused on fun outdoor holiday activities or advanced programmes for talented young sportsmen. Your kids will enjoy tons of competitions with awesome prizes, games, teamwork, and positive emotions, that will ensure this becomes one of the most treasured memories of their childhood. 9. Extreme Fun ​ Many teens are fascinated by extreme sports activities. If your little daredevil can’t live without an adrenaline rush, a dedicated kids camp Singapore is the right choice. Special summer programmes allow children to fulfill their ambitions in a safe environment under the supervision of experts and skilled instructors. ​ Extreme sports and fun are a great choice for teens aged from 12 to 17. Cycling, skateboarding, parkour, climbing, watersports and other activities will provide a lot of fun with no unnecessary risk. Water sports are especially popular. They entertain the wimpiest kids and have numerousf benefits, providing a full range of motion, developing reactions, and improving endurance. In addition, they inspire confidence in kids and boost their character and physical development. ​ To encourage more children to participate in summer camps, facilitators often prepare lots of perks and fun extras to make campers’ days more diverse and exciting. 10. Martial Arts ​ Martial arts are an exciting and adventurous way for kids to build self-esteem, physical strength, confidence, overall health, and discipline. So, you can easily find a summer camp Singapore focused on Karate, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Muay Thai, and others. ​ Kids aged from 5 to 17 can benefit from the programmes, choosing the right type of martial arts that are relevant to their interests. Martial arts don’t require huge strength. Instead, they suit kids and teens from different walks of life, families, and cultural backgrounds. ​ Whether your kids choose Judo, Aikido, or another martial art, it ensure well-balanced physical and mental health that keeps them active and enthusiastic. Young sportspeople will make many new friends, work in teams and pairs, learn to collaborate and win. Martial arts are the best way for children to learn discipline and mindfulness. Besides, they will be able to defend themselves and their loved ones. ​ So, martial arts in Singapore are not an excuse for aggressive behaviour, but an efficient way of self-development and self-preservation. 11. Yoga, fitness, and workout ​ Parents who dream about their kids’ harmonic development should pay attention to the dedicated camps focused on mental and physical health activities. ​ Classes and workouts are useful for all ages, from babies to teens. Activities provide well-balanced physical and intellectual growth, and teach children to live at peace with themselves, maintaining positive mindsets. Regular training helps kids develop correct posture and improves motor control and concentration. Yoga and fitness relieve stress and reduce anxiety. ​ Kids aged from 3 to 5 will benefit from dynamic exercises which allow them to release their irrepressible energy. Highly qualified coaches playfully combine static and mobile workouts with relaxing and entertaining techniques for kids. Children’s fitness develops physical strength, plasticity, and endurance. In addition, it improves cardiovascular and respiratory functions, as well as enhanced intellectual activity. Depending on the programme, workouts may include choreography, gymnastic elements, aerobics, etc. ​ The best camps mix yoga with mindful activities to explore the world around us and within. Some provide interaction with animals, spiritual art, and other entertainment to develop children’s social and emotional skills. Others add music, dancing, or singing to their practices. ​ In this way, your kids will develop a good shape, make new friends, live in balance through embracing co-existing values, and learn to appreciate human dignity and peace. They will find new ways of thinking to meet life’s challenges and overcome hardships without a nerve-wracking experience. 12. Crafts ​ Singapore camps offer many crafts for young enthusiasts. They keep kids entertained and develop many useful skills. Modern camps comprise dozens of crafts for all ages and tastes, from embroidery to painted rocks. ​ Camp lessons are suitable for small children and teens focused on hand-made items. Some camps offer workshops to design and make suncatchers, experience water-pistol painting, origami, or nature craft. At the same time, others focus on traditional sewing, quilting, or knitting. A great variety of DIY projects on offer will definitely get children excited about an upcoming camp adventure. ​ Crafts are one of the key contributors to the development of fine motor skills and pattern recognition in preschoolers. Theyalso help kids in elementary schools act creatively by thinking outside the box. Young learners get an idea of shapes, colours, and three-dimensional space. Of course, their new projects are not always successful. In this way, kids develop resilience and learn to be patient, making new attempts on their way to the desired outcomes. ​ Teens from 10 years old focus on creative mindset development to realize many solutions to the most challenging situations. Besides, crafts can be a popular money-making technique that combines business and pleasure. ​ So, various crafts activities keep children creating and implementing a range of ideas and designs. Self-expression helps them manage their feelings and overcome fears, enriching their lives with bright colours of happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism. 13. Visual Arts ​ Led by qualified and talented teachers, inclusive art classes create an immersive and engaging vibe of creativity, close collaboration, and inspiration. Art is a great power that turns passive consumers into genuine painters, designers, animators, etc. ​ Various camps offer multiple programmes for young art lovers aged from 3 to 18. Kids will master visualization and a wide range of artistic techniques and styles. Since art is one of the most popular courses in every summer camp for kids, you can choose a programme according to your kid’s tastes, skills, and tendencies. Sculpture, painting, drawing, modelling, and other forms of art are at your disposal. ​ Children will see the powerful magic of art while creating genuine aesthetic objects and environments and sharing experiences with each other. Experienced teachers use visual art forms to develop children’s motor skills, neural systems, and problem-solving capacities. Art is also a great tool to understand science, maths, and other disciplines. ​ Your kid doesn’t have to be an accomplished artist. Various forms of visualization are an important part of every child’s development, since they help them handle scary dreams, emotions, and events. Art makes it easier to process their inner world and understand modern society. However, the most important outcome is that children learn to love art in all its formats and shapes. ​ So, choose art classes to promote kids’ creativity, employ all their senses, and let them understand their inner world and the surrounding reality. 14. Photography ​ Taking photos and creating photo projects, collages, and other masterpieces are some of the widespread activities in any Singapore summer camp. ​ Young students aged from 5 to 10+ will get the opportunity to develop their photography skills. They will learn everything they need about cameras, buttons, settings, and other technical details. Kids will get familiar with colour patterns and light, find interesting objects, and shoot them from the right perspective. They will capture people, animals, and other objects in motion, highlighting their essence and sending messages through photos. Teens will learn what the composition, negative space, leading lines, and other tricks mean and how they work in photography. ​ Photo art also helps children manage their emotions and everyday stress, express their thoughts and vision, focus on creativity, and produce impressive results. ​ Photography in summer camps for kids involves kids in a new reality, full of colours, shapes, new ideas, and the joy of independent creative work. ​ 15. Drama and Acting ​ Drama kids studios are amazing classes that inspire children’s imagination to lift their spirits and let them do something fun at a summer camp. Drama and acting include speech lessons, the history of the theatre or movies, costume design, and even stage management workshops. Of course, the lesson content depends on your kid’s age and the programme specifics. Generally you will find courses tailored for children from kindergarten to highschool age, that enable them to embed their performance-focused skills or develop all sides of their personality through drama. Apart from developing their acting and public speaking skills, various classes aim to broaden children’s horizons, improve their self-esteem, and give them increased confidence. Besides, creative thinking, a sense of teamwork, and a good understanding of leadership will help a young person go forward in life. All classes and workshops take place in amazing indoor and outdoor locations, creating an immersive atmosphere for a particular scenario. Well-made costumes and stage makeup help children inhabit and experiment with a wide array of characters. ​ Whether your kids are deeply committed to acting and drama or just want to enjoy the fun with new friends, summer camps in Singapore are the perfect environment. Many even arrange spectacular performances for families at the end of the course. 16. Improvisation and Standup ​ Many camps offer improv and standup comedy classes. If you choose improv, your kid will learn how to shine on the spot without a plan, set, or strategy, relying on personal skills and their partner’s support. In turn, standup teaches children to act on a stage alone, having prearranged content to fall back on. Studying improvisation helps children aged from 12 to 18 to learn valuable life and acting lessons. Both forms of comedy acting teach kids to meet and overcome challenges right off the bat. In addition, they help young students understand that life is unpredictable and often requires prompt decisions without much time for consideration. ​ These art forms also improve children’s critical neurobiology, cognition, immune, and emotional sphere, perceptual-motor, and circulatory systems. Kids also get an introduction to effective verbal and non-verbal communication and interaction with the audience. Improv and standup develop flexibility and the ability to respond to people’s emotions, words, and acts in a split second. ​ Indeed, the improv actor has to create ane develop scenarios during the performance, based entirely on the spectators’ reactions. Whether a kid relies on the co-improviser or prepared material, they learn to consider the audience’s reaction and adapt their responses to handle all the twists and turns of the show. After all, everything can go sideways at any moment! ​ In the event that you choose improv or standup for your kid’s pleasure and development, you may count on experienced directors to create a judgement-free space and multi-sensory experiences for solving a wide range of problems. 17. Singing ​ Do you want to develop your child’s musical talent? If so, you could choose one of the summer camps for kids with group programmes, individual tutors, workshops, and modern equipment to provide quality singing courses. ​ Expert vocal coaches work with kids aged from 5 to 18, providing group, in-person training, and arranging live performances. Various programmes offer junior and senior lessons to give kids the opportunity to reach their full potential and have a lot of fun. They help children become professionals, as well as learn, grow, and just enjoy singing. Modern singing is no longer just educational musical classes. Today singing is a form of self-expression with many physical, psychological, and social aspects. Children develop their individual identity and experience cathartic activities through singing. These classes also help to manage voice and tones, making the audience listen, understand, accept, and empathize. Singing improves the quality of interpersonal communication, making it more effective and influential, providing benefits not only for actors and singers. ​ Classes have also helped many teachers, lawyers, and politicians in their careers. Singing makes kids healthier it improves their respiratory and cardiac functions and develops proper interaction between visuals, imagery, and emotions. Summer camps in Singapore put all the potential of singing classes into practice, providing various programmes focused on different singing styles and music genres, from jazz to rock. 18. Music ​ Music programmes are popular in any summer camp for kids. They involve various activities like in-person classes, festivals, mini-concerts, and other models of instrumental lessons for music education and other related experiences. ​ According to their skills, abilities, and desires, various camps offer many programs for kids aged from 4 to 18. However, playing various instruments is not the whole story. Music activities for young melomaniacs are closely linked to social and personal developments. Therefore, when choosing music camp courses for your children, you will be happy to see the results in person, appreciating the positive role of music in kids’ everyday lives. ​ When children get the idea of rhythms and sounds, their brains start working differently, boosting neural activity and providing higher IQ levels. Moreover, music improves memory and facilitates the efficient learning foreign of languages. ​ Modern equipment and properly arranged studios provide musical education and cultural development to the highest possible level. Amazing lessons in a kids’ camp in Singapore will definitely become a source of musical inspiration for all kids. 19. Dancing ​ Dance camp programmes for boys and girls allow your children to do what they love with pleasure and mastery. So, summer teams of dancers and choreographers have prepared many perks for their young students. ​ A friendly and supportive team helps kids aged from 4 to 18 build confidence, develop plasticity, feel the music, and just savour a multitude of fun. Each programme has its own focus. Hence you will see your kid dancing solo or participating in a spectacular performance on the stage, spinning around in a waltz, or rocking the audience with incendiary hip-hop. ​ Dancing classes are also useful to help improve the work of the heart and lungs, muscular strength, and endurance. The physical and psychological well-being achieved through dance provides a harmonic development for your children. Kids and teens become more motivated and socially adapted to modern life when learning dance in a friendly and professional environment. Dancing also stimulates creativity and helps kids overcome various inner barriers and insecurities. Additionally, different dance element repetition and constant rehearsals make kids more organized and disciplined. ​ Let your children join a highly passionate and inclusive community. Those picking dance programmes in summer camps for kids will allow their children to enjoy memorable experiences and spread their wings to make their wildest dreams come true. 20. Coding Summer Camp Activities ​ Coding is one of the most popular activities in many STEM summer camps in Singapore. Such programmes aim to provide children with dedicated skills and teach them to think creatively and make the right decisions. The labs’ state-of-the-art facilities allow kids to fulfill all their potential, opening the window of opportunities to a digital world of computer programming. ​ Coding is one of the best ways to become an independent person as well as an honorable member of the global IT community. Kids aged from 4 to 18 will get the idea of the current world order and will be better prepared for future challenges. The goal behind studying coding is no longer restricted to professional skills, corresponding to the job market requirements. Coding also enables kids to evolve and succeed in all walks of life. So, the wide-ranging benefits are clear. ​ While choosing the best summer camp in Singapore, you’ll be happy to meet forthcoming and highly qualified teachers and curators. They not only teach coding. In addition, they help kids to get a kick out of the outputs, learn to fix things, make mistakes and try again without feeling disappointed . Do you believe in learning by doing? If so, coding programmes will keep your kids interested, teaching them to create games, apps, animations, and other digital projects. 21. Web Design ​ Do your children dream about creating, customizing, and publishing sites, showcasing results to their friends, parents, and the whole world? In that case web design is a good field to fulfill their ambitions. A great variety of classes in Singapore summer camps encompass tons of skills and disciplines in website and mobile app production and maintenance. ​ As a rule, classes are designed for children aged from 8 up to 18 and are focused on digital marketing, web design, and other sides of virtual reality. Kids learn everything about website asethetics (colors, images, fonts), layouts, and contents. While incorporating web design into the curriculum, summer camps for kids prepare young learners for their careers in the computer science industry as well as developing their mental skills. Besides, children learn to create unique age-appropriate projects and use them for self-expression, promoting specific goods and services as well as posting all types of content. While presenting and publishing their projects on the Web, kids will learn to showcase their best quality products by getting the responses from anauthentic audience. They will understand engagement mechanisms to attract more people to their creative ideas, commercial offers, etc. Moreover, web design encourages collaboration and teaches kids to meet other people’s needs. ​ So, if you choose programmes involving Web and graphic design for kids in summer camps, your kids will master fundamental web design, digital art, the basics of HTML, CSS scripting, and other related skills. 22. Learning Languages ​ If you want your child to meet new friends from all over the world, choose the most beautiful area – a summer camp in Singapore. Many camps offer different languages to study and communicate with compatriots and native speakers. English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages are offered. ​ Kids aged from 4 to 18 will get the chance to join an appropriate programme according to their skills and ages. Beginners as well as advanced students will discover what they need to boost their knowledge of grammar and level of speaking fluency. Talented teachers and tutors provide efficient methods to develop children’s writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills. They use tools like indoor activities, board games, outdoor activities, excursions, social events, parties, etc. A friendly and relaxed environment makes your kids’ studying efficient and memorable. ​ Learning foreign languages helps children solve problems quickly and in the best possible way. They can apply win-win solutions and think critically, evaluating the situation. Besides, such classes improve memory, focus, and multi-tasking abilities. ​ So, if you plan to introduce a new language or even several languages to your kids, join summer camp programmes to ensure sufficient resources and a positive environment. Conclusion Of course, all these programmes are interesting and informative, but their main drawback is their narrow focus. When studying singing or languages, for example, the child will concentrate on one skill and will not fully explore the world around him or her. Newtonshow offers summer and June holiday camps whose mission is to facilitate the comprehensive and broad-based development of children through real-world experiences. Each programme is a unique combination of fascinating theory followed by the consolidation of knowledge in practice, as well as hands-on activities, participative entertainment and intriguing quests. Thanks to our programmes, children go through the formation of personality, learn to communicate, and develop in the most important areas of life. Group and individual classes develop children's creative and scientific thinking, enriching their inner world with new memories, impressions, and achievements. Regardless of the programme chosen, Newtonshow will provide a comfortable and supportive environment for learning and improvement. You will definitely not recognize your little erudite after visiting summer camp — they will no longer sit and play on their phone for hours. Constant activity and the study of the world around them will become their new hobbies. Want to check it out? Come to Newtonshow and open new unexplored expanses of our Universe for your children!

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