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Due to many requests from parents, we will continue FREE series of Ukrainian art workshops.


Just to remind: we decided to organize free art workshop, where kids can learn about Ukrainian art and support Ukrainians with this action. 
We want to highlight that workshop is just about art - no politics, no money involved. We want to show that country has big culture heritage and  grow awareness about its culture.
All teachers are locals, workshop held in English.

Kids 5 y.o. and up are welcomed!

Location: 278 River Valley Road

TIME : 90 minutes

Dates, time and subjects: 

23 April 3:30 PM

23 April 5 PM

SUBJECT: Ukrainian art-style egg painting "Pysanky"


26 April 5 PM

28 April 5 PM

30 April 3:30 PM

30 April 5 PM

SUBJECT: Prymachenko Art - modern Ukrainian artist, kids will create a drawing in artist-style

Статья 6 (3) Мария Примаченко. Ушастый зверь хватает рака, 1983.jpg

3 May 5 PM

5 May 5 PM

7 May 3:30 PM

7 May 5 PM

SUBJECT: Ukrainian dolls "Motanki"

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 16.10.11.png

10 May 5 PM

12 May 5 PM

14 May 3:30 PM

14 May 5 PM

SUBJECT: Ukrainian pixel art workshop


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