Camp safety during Covid-19

Updated: Jan 4

Camp safety during Covid-19

When we look back at family photos in 10 years time, it will be immediately obvious which ones were taken in the pre-COVID era - you can actually see kids smiling! It’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t all wearing masks and sanitizing our hands at every opportunity, and at the moment COVID-19 is changing kids’ holiday camps in many ways, but hopefully those smiles will soon be visible on everyone’s faces again. In the meantime it’s inevitable that all of us, adults and children, will have to modify the way we interact with the world.

There are many benefits of going to an autumn camp, both in terms of enrichment and social interaction, so it’s reassuring to know that reputable camps have spent a lot of time adapting their procedures to minimise the risks of virus transmission. Here are just some of the ways that Newtonshow is helping to keeps its campers safe:

1. Safety first

At Newtonshow camp safety is always our top priority, whether it’s about safeguarding kids or minimising the risks of accidents or illnesses. So even though we want kids to learn and have fun in a supportive environment, we never compromise on safety.

2. COVID protocol

It’s understandable that many parents will be anxious about sending their kids to an autumn camp, which is why we’ll be continuing with our tried and tested rules to help ensure everyone is kept healthy as well as happy. All kids are asked to sanitize their hands on entry to the camp each morning. Bathrooms and all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals. Children over the age of 5 are asked to wear masks except while eating or drinking, and they’ll be seated at safe distances in small groups of kids from the same schools to reduce the risk of COVID being transmitted across different schools. The plates and cutlery used for our healthy snacks and meals are always single use only.

3. Vaccination

Singapore already has one of the highest rates of vaccine uptake in the world and vaccination is now being offered to children over the age of 12 years. Studies have shown that vaccination significantly lowers the chance of becoming sick with COVID-19 and reduces the severity of disease if infected. It seems likely that, across Singapore, future activities may only be available for people who’ve been vaccinated so it’s worth considering vaccinating family members as soon as they are eligible. This could help ensure that the risk of contracting COVID will be low wherever we are in Singapore.

4. Newtonshow’s COVID rules

At our autumn camp we’ll continue with our safety rules, which are designed to keep kids healthy and at reduced risk of virus transmission. No children are allowed to share water bottles or food and everyone is encouraged to sanitize their hands at regular intervals and after activities. All kids are requested to wash their hands after eating or using the bathroom. And at all times kids are reminded to maintain a safe distance between them, even during activities or play. At Newtonshow we’re firm believers that healthy camps are happy camps!

5. Safety procedures

Newtonshow teachers are vigilant when it comes to spotting children who show signs of possible infection, such as sneezing, and will always encourage kids to tell them if they feel unwell for any reason. This helps to quickly identify children who may have contracted a virus and could pass it on to other campers. Anyone who appears sick has their temperature taken immediately. If they have a raised temperature they are quickly isolated, with the minimum of fuss, and their parents are notified. Our qualified first aiders will keep them reassured and comfortable until a parent or helper can collect them.

6. Understanding viruses and stress

Kids are more likely to take the right precautions if they understand a little about viruses and how they can be spread by people who don’t show any symptoms. Our teachers are also aware that these current times, when there is so much uncertainty about what the future holds, can be stressful for children. They therefore look for signs of stress and seek to reassure any child who seems concerned.

So, despite all the challenges that COVID continues to present, we hope that this autumn camp in Singapore will be the best ever!

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