The benefits of going to an autumn camp

Updated: Jan 4

Most of us probably have our favourite season – some will love the vibrant colours, new growth and joy of spring; others will prefer the cooler weather of winter with its Christmas lights and the optimism of a new year; and many others will love the summer with its opportunities for beach trips and long holidays. But for many of us there is one season that beats them all: autumn. Picture autumn and so many iconic images come to mind: running through fallen leaves with their autumnal colours; harvests in the fields and the scarecrows that protect them; illuminated pumpkins and dressing up for Halloween.

For parents autumn can also signal the return of kids to school and the long build-up to Christmas. And by the time the autumn break arrives many of us are keen to find activities to keep our children entertained, enriched and busy! With such a variety of camps on offer there should be something for everyone – arts and crafts, sports, science, coding, drama, cookery, to name but a few. So, if you’re thinking of choosing an autumn camp in Singapore here are just some of the wonderful experiences your kids can enjoy:

1. Understanding the seasons

Did you know that we only have seasons because our planet is tilting as it makes its annual orbit around the Sun? Autumn camps provide a great opportunity to learn about the seasons, how they vary across the world, and the events they create, such as animal migrations. Whether it’s explored through art, science, cookery or science, autumn can be a great opportunity to learn about the amazing planet on which we live.

2. Learning about the weather

Autumn can bring all sorts of weather including sunshine, rain, fog, wind, and beautifully-shaped clouds. So it’s a great chance to teach kids about weather, what creates it, how we predict it, and how it affects people around the world.

3. Learning about Halloween and other festivals

Witches and skeletons, monsters and pumpkins. Halloween is a festival that is scary in a way that kids can enjoy (and not just because of the candies!). At camping in autumn kids can learn how the traditions for Halloween and other festivals are different for kids in different countries. kids can learn how the traditions for Halloween and other festivals are different for kids in different countries. So, what better way to learn about other cultures and promote tolerance than by learning about their festivals, traditional foods, and unique games?

4. Exploring the world

Since the start of the Covid pandemic it’s been impossible for most of us to travel and it’s probably going to remain difficult for some time. But that doesn’t mean that kids can’t travel to Egypt, Switzerland, Mexico, or somewhere else with their imaginations. Autumn camps can help them explore some fascinating parts of the world with their different climates, wildlife, customs, traditions and games.

5. Finding a new passion

Good camps will provide new themes and topics each season so this autumn your kids might discover a new passion, whether it be for coding, science, cookery, drama or art.

6. Screen-free fun

With kids spending so much time on screen-based activities, either at school or at home, autumn camps offer a great opportunity for them to escape the digital world and get involved in hands-on activities. It can remind them that nothing beats playing with friends in the real world!

7. Making friends and developing teamwork skills

Just like other camps, autumn camps bring together kids from different schools and offer opportunities for them to make new friends and learn about working in teams. Using a variety of games, autumn camps can help kids challenge themselves, work with others, and above all have fun!

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